Home Business They incinerate cigarettes, alcohol, clergy and counterfeit drugs

They incinerate cigarettes, alcohol, clergy and counterfeit drugs

Incineran cigarrillos, alcohol, clerén y medicamentos falsificados

The Specialized Body for the Control of Fuels and Merchandise Trade (Ceccom) incinerated 2,323,219 units of cigarettes and tobacco of different brands, as well as more than 7,631,000 bottles of alcohol not suitable for human consumption, 3,028 bottles of clergy and 23,510 units of counterfeit drugsfor an approximate value of 50 million pesos.

The seizures were the result of operations carried out during the first quarter of the yearin conjunction with the Public Ministry, ProConsumidor, Public Health and the General Directorate of Customs and Internal Taxes, with the purpose of counteracting the commercialization and manufacture of products that do not comply with health protocols and that are introduced into the country illegally. illegal, to evade the payment of taxes to the Dominican State.

The incineration was led by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs (MICM), Víctor Bisonó, together with the Commander General of the Army of the Dominican Republic, Carlos A. Fernández Onofre, and Brigadier General César Miranda Mañón, General Director of Ceccom .

Bisonó stated that during the administration led by President Luis Abinader, Specific actions have been taken to prosecute and punish those responsible for the illicit manufacture and sale of products.

Major General Carlos A. Fernández Onofre stated that the Army’s mission is to support all institutions in combating illegal acts in the border area and said that every day they are giving “forceful blows” to organizations that try to transgress the laws.

act of cremation
Leandro José Villanueva Aceval, from Public Health; Brigadier General Orlando Jerez Espaillat, from the General Directorate of Customs; and representatives of ProConsumidor and the Public Ministry.

The incineration took place at the P&D Recycling headquarters, a company dedicated to recycling, incineration, shredding industrial waste, oily waste, international garbage, medical waste and waste in general.

The objective of the Illicit Table, chaired by the MICM and created through decree 275-2, is to combat and eradicate practices of smuggling, adulteration and counterfeiting of products, harmful both to consumers and to the commercial sector and contributing industries.

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