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They are Corridor, the band that rocked the Pitchfork Festival stage

Ellos son Corridor, la banda canadiense que sacudió el escenario del festival Pitchfork en Ciudad de México

Lights, stages and rock! The first edition of the Pitchfork Festival showcased a great repertoire of indie artists in Mexico City.

Hosted by the renowned online magazine of the same name, the event came from cities such as Chicago, London and Paris to offer a unique music experience.

Attendees had the opportunity to move between venues to experience and enjoy a variety of simultaneous concerts. And above all, the opportunity to discover new tastes and reaffirm old ones.

Part of this was the Montreal indie rock band Corridor. Consisting of Jonathan Robert (vocals and guitar), Julian Perreault (guitar), Samuel Gougoux (multi-instrumentalist), Dominic Berthiaume (vocals and bass) and Julien Bakvis (drums).

Corridor’s artistic career

They debuted in 2013 with their EP “Un Magicien En Toi” (“A Magician Within You,” in Spanish) and have released three albums to date. In 2019 they signed with the company Bonsound in their home country and with the record label Sub Pop internationally.

Her single Topographe and music video (animated by Jonathan) were shortlisted for the SOCAN Songwriting Award and the Juno Award in 2020. On April 26, 2024 they will release “Mimi”, their new album (named after Jonathan’s kitten).

On their first visit to Mexico, we had the opportunity to speak with Jonathan, Dominic and Sam at the Marbella Hotel in the colorful Roma district and this is what they told us.

How do you think you’ve expanded your reach as an artist over the last five years?

Jonathan: We believe this version will be better than the previous one. Due to the pandemic etc. we had to cancel many concerts and festivals.

We weren’t the only ones, so I won’t cry about it (laughs). The response to the two singles released has been quite good and this will be the first time we will be playing some of the songs live. It’s our first show since 2022, so we’re very excited.

Dominik: Plus, signing with Sub Pop has helped to absolutely expand our reach.

What role does music play in your daily life?

Dominik: Music is present in all areas of my life. Aside from the band, I work in a record store; So I talk and sell music every day.

I also photograph part-time for other bands and work as a DJ in clubs in Montreal. I live 100% from music.

Sam: Even. Music is central in my life. In addition to Corridor, I compose music for short films, feature films and television. I also play at home with other bands, with other friends.

Jonathan: The same for me. I used to do a lot of visual art for other bands, like album covers, posters, music videos… anything related to music.

Which superstar, living or dead (whether actor, songwriter, singer, etc.) would you like to meet and why?

Jonathan: Personally, I don’t feel particularly comfortable around people I admire because I’m starstruck. I prefer just watching them (laughs).

Dominik: Also. We once shared a recording space with some artists we really like and it was so strange (laughs). Nevertheless, it is very nice to be able to meet her; Despite my nervousness, I don’t know what to say.

What do you wish you had said to your 15-year-old self?

Sam: I would tell her not to be so stressed and keep doing what she loves. This is on the right track.

Dominik: I would tell him to follow his instincts, like he always did. Let him do what he wants and listen to his heart. I would just repeat what my parents told me: do what you like, and if you don’t love something, let it go.

Jonathan: I don’t know it. I’m pretty excited about what I have in my life right now, with my girlfriend, my daughter, my band… I think if I were to ask him to do something it would be to start this band sooner (laughs).

Who would be your dream partner?

Sam: I would love to work with Kim Gordon on Corridor.

Dominic and Jonathan: Oh yeah!

Dominik: That would be breathtaking. I don’t know if I would be interested, but… (laughs)

Jonathan: Listen to their new album (laughs). I also thought about Sonny Cute, who was a big influence on Dominic and me from the start. His music was some of the first we heard in the alternative genre. We are big fans. He just released a new album.

Tell me one Corridor song you wish more people heard and why.

Jonathan: Uh… bang?

Dominic and Sam: Yes!

Jonathan: It’s a pretty difficult song to play live. In fact I think we just don’t do it (laughs) but I love it, it’s one of my favorite pieces.

Dominik: I would say the newest songs on our albums. There will always be certain tracks that are popular with fans, but I think albums should be listened to until the end (laughs). Like “Retour au bercail 3D”, “L’historie populaire” by Jonathan Cadeau and “Mimi”.

Jonathan: Also, start from the last song with the first (all three laugh). What you wouldn’t do with a book, you do with our albums.

What was it like visiting Mexico City? Tell me about your experiences here.

Dominik: Yesterday we were in “La Estela de Luz” and we really enjoyed the walk through the great park (the Chapultepec Forest). It was very nice to see all the nature and animals, birds and trees.

Jonathan: The trees are great (all three laugh). If you live here they might not be as impressive, but we love them.

Dominik: The food is also very good and the people are so friendly (Jonathan: Super friendly), even if we don’t speak Spanish very well. I’m really surprised.

Jonathan: I would like to return.

Corridor’s new album, Mimi, will be available on all music platforms from April 26th.

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