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These parties are the largest Bitcoin holders in the world

These parties are the largest Bitcoin holders in the world

In just four years, the market value of Bitcoin (BTC) has risen from around $75 billion to over $1.4 trillion. Of course, this isn’t easy; you need deep pockets for such amounts.

Maybe you already have a good idea of ​​which one listed company Corporations own most Bitcoins, but there are even bigger “owners” of the largest cryptocurrency. One thing stands out; For larger amounts the picture becomes a little more complicated.

Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy

In a practical overview, BitcoinTreasuries lists which listed companies are at the top. As some might expect, MicroStrategy takes the top spot with a total of 214,246 BTC.

That’s worth nearly $14 billion at current prices and represents just over 1% of all Bitcoins in circulation. MicroStrategy also makes a significant profit. $7.5 billion was invested.

Crypto investment giant Grayscale

But MicroStrategy is not the largest holder of Bitcoin. This is Grayscale, whose spot ETF GBTC currently owns 350,252 BTC. That’s more than 60% more. That’s not really strange either; This fund has been around since 2014 and has therefore been able to build up capital for some time.

According to BitcoinTreasuries, even the massive outflows since GBTC became a spot ETF were not enough to dethrone Grayscale, despite GBTC having to halve its holdings.

Asset manager BlackRock

Next on the list is BlackRock subsidiary iShares with its spot ETF IBIT. The exchange fund has only been around since the beginning of January and already owns 242,829 BTC. BlackRock recently officially overtook MicroStrategy. The fund is one of the fastest-growing ETFs ever.

U.S. government

Next on the list is the US government with 215,000 BTC. This money comes from confiscated wallets, for example from police operations. Thanks to government press releases and on-chain data, analysts can confirm that these coins do indeed belong to the US government.

Binance (and other exchanges)

BitcoinTreasuries has a large number of companies on the list, but crypto exchanges are surprisingly not that high on the list. They own more than any other company. According to CoinGlass, Binance currently has more than any other organization at around 541,650 BTC.

This is not only more than MicroStrategy, but even more than Grayscale. You are not alone, because Bitfinex is also larger with 377,065 BTC. With 329,118 BTC, Coinbase is also larger than many other parties, including MicroStrategy.

However, it is not entirely clear what this amount includes. Coinbase is also the custodian of almost all spot ETFs for Bitcoin. BitcoinTreasuries sets the bar significantly lower (9,480 BTC), which is because Coinbase has also set aside some of the coins for itself.

MicroStrategy remains at the top of the list

Still, MicroStrategy remains at the top of the list, we could only count 6 companies that own more. Other notable companies include the Chinese government (190,000 BTC), crypto bank Block.one (164,000 BTC), and bankrupt crypto exchange Mt. Gox (141,686 BTC).

It must also be said that in actually all of these cases the coins do not belong to a single unit at all. They all have Bitcoins thanks to someone else’s money.

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