Home Sports Thebes compares the "Damage to reputation" by Rubiales with 9/11!

Thebes compares the "Damage to reputation" by Rubiales with 9/11!

Thebes compares the "Damage to reputation" by Rubiales with 9/11!

One of the most anticipated reactions following the resignation of Luis Rubiales as head of the RFEF was undoubtedly that of Javier Tebas. The president of LaLiga and arch enemy of the Motril native left comfortably this morning.

I worry about other things, for example the reputation of Spanish football. We all have to work to salvage this calling year, which has been terrible, that’s the reality. It will cost us something“, he showed.

This was announced by the president of LaLiga wants to wait to hear the full interview with Luis Rubiales in England, adding: “When I found out yesterday I was just putting on my pajamas.” And I went to sleep.”

At a LaLiga event about recalled footballers and under the slogan “Football against forgetting,” Tebas declared: “We have gone from a suspended president to a resigned one.” I will wait for your statements. I will not give an opinion on his management, which is already known. The reputational damage being done to Spanish football is terrible. It’s the biggest digital media news story in history. “Bigger than 9/11.”

Regarding the leadership of the Motrileño, Tebas explained this “The worst thing of all was that he hid behind the fact that he had an enemy and that it was LaLiga, in the cultural vision he had against professional football.” “I do not share the values ​​with which he led the RFEF.”

As for replacing Rubiales, Tebas doesn’t want to get wet: “LaLiga has no vote in this election, but the clubs do. Under these circumstances, it must be the regional associations that show the way. I don’t have a favorite candidate. “Those who were with President Rubiales must decide the future of the federation and see how they handle the matter.”

Tebas wants there to be changes in the relationship between the league and RFEF: “There are a lot of synergies between the two and I don’t want to control the Federation. This was an argument used by Rubiales to keep his people together.”. You have to know how to use synergies and not confront each other.”

Tebas also commented on Mollejo’s gesture while celebrating Real Zaragoza’s 1-3 win: “In the gesture it only resembles Rubiales in Sydney, but not the one who makes it.” Genital touching has become more notorious since Luis Rubiales did it in the box before the Queen of Spain, but what happened to the former president is more serious.“.

With regard to Spain’s candidacy to host the 2030 World Cup, the professional football leader said: “Of course you have the feeling that Argentina and Uruguay can benefit from everything that has happened.” We must defend the reputation of Spanish football and ensure that something like this does not happen again anywhere. “Forgiveness is not enough.”

Tebas did not want to comment on the controversial role of the CSD and the TAD in the case: “They had a very complicated situation that could have been avoided. We need to see the necessary reforms proposed now.”

Regarding the overthrow of the previous president of the RFEF, a declared enemy like Tebas affirms: “His overthrow does not surprise me because he pushed everything to the limit. There were more serious things that he should have dealt with much sooner.” I knew that one day something would happen. After a day at work, an orgy, paella with friends…There are things that are not normal. Things were seen and no meaning was given to them. One day it had to happen and it happened. I thought he was getting his way, because Rubiales takes everything to extremes without knowing what consequences it could have.”.

The president of LaLiga wished Pedro Rocha “clairvoyance” and concluded by speaking about the strike in the F-League: “It is a project that must grow gradually and that is exactly what its leaders and clubs are doing.”. You can’t ask for more than what’s available. This cannot be achieved with strikes. “Sponsors will not join any league with strikes and conflicts.”

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