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The voices of Carlos and Camila will accompany train and metro users this weekend

London (BLAZETRENDS) of London during the weekend of his coronation, the transport authorities reported this Friday.

The message, recorded at the beginning of the year by the couple with the help of the Transport for London audio equipment, will be broadcast from Saturday, when they will be crowned, to next Monday, declared a holiday in the United Kingdom, the manager said in a statement. of London Transport and the Rail Delivery Group association.

“My wife and I wish you and your families a wonderful coronation weekend,” says the British monarch.

Coronation themed pub in London
A waiter serves food at a King Charles III coronation themed pub in London. BLAZETRENDS/Tolga Akmen

“Wherever you go, we hope you have a safe and pleasant journey,” adds the queen consort.

The king concludes with the best-known warning of the London Underground: “Please mind the gap”, translatable as “please, be careful with the gap” or separation between platform and wagon.

In addition, users of transport in London will see more celebratory details of the coronation during these days, including three giant crowns on bus stops in the central street of Oxford Street.

The logo at many stations has also been transformed into a St. Edward’s crown, which will be used at the ceremony, and some buses carry commemorative lettering, as well as about twenty public bicycles, Transport for London has indicated.

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