The takeoff of Álex Moreno

The takeoff of Álex Moreno

Álex Moreno signed a brilliant start to the campaign to confirm a growth that has already entered the scene since last season. His summer was moved: he came close to accepting an offer from the Premier League but ultimately chose the path to follow under the command of Manuel Pellegrini. A weighty decision that also delivers a handful of benefits to the Verdiblanco team. The winger is one of his most incisive assets, as well as being valued by the Olocip Artificial Intelligence as one of the most important footballers in the League in his position.

The future of the Verdiblanco player is unknown given the need of the club to sell in the coming months. His value continues to increase and one of his challenges is to attack the Spanish team after not having been able to qualify for a place in it for this World Cup. Luis Enrique has been following him closely for months and is aware of what he can contribute the Betis player in his scheme for his speed and overflow capacity. Its market value is 20 million euros and Betis expects that value to continue to rise. An idyll that survived what in summer could have been a separation.


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