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The story of 400 years was created in 2 minutes and 24 seconds

The story of 400 years was created in 2 minutes and 24 seconds

Giyas Uddin Selim, the talented director, kept the story alive for a while. Many things have changed according to the plan. However, he managed to shoot his favorite film ‘Kajalrekha’ till the end.

The film ‘Kajalrekha’, based on the 400-year-old story from the Mymensingh Geetika, is around the corner oathE

A strong campaign is running to mark the publication. As a part of this, the film’s trailer was released on Tuesday (March 26), Independence Day. A lot was revealed in this 2 minute and 24 second trailer. Found some insight into the story.

It is good to say that the context of ‘Kajalrekha’ is the traditional Mymensingh Geetika which is about 400 years old. The diversity, mystery and culture of ancient Bengal were brought together here. The builder tried to take them as far as possible. From the actors’ costumes to the set design, everything has a vintage and glamor look.

Apart from that, there is a hint of regionalism in the dialogue.

Many are already discussing the trailer. The makers have hinted that the audience will enjoy the new chemistry of the old story. I’m excited about this government-funded film the starRao.

However, the mystery as to who plays the titular role of ‘Kajalrekha’ is still unclear.

Apart from this, there is another character called Konkan Dasi which featured three actresses! They are Rafiyat Rashid Mithila, Sadia Ayman and Mandira Chakraborty. Who among them is the real Konkan Dasi will be revealed in the film. The film also stars Shariful Raj, Khairul Basar, Gausul Alam Shawon, Iresh Zaker, Azad Abul Kalam and others. The government-backed film is produced under the banner of Bengal Films.
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