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The Nun 2 will tie in well with the Conjuring-verse

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THE incantation verse continues its advance. Three Movies incantationthree films Annabelle and a spin-off film about it nun later, Michael Chaves is preparing to bring back the demonic nun for a second film to try and break the previous one’s record. In fact, the first work was carried out Tessa Farmiga had collected the little thing Worldwide sales of $365 million. Overall it’s close $2.1 billion that the franchise has stored in its wallet.

Everyone wonders about the conceptual The nun 2 : Self-employed? Essay off screen of the franchise? Continuation of the universe? Everyone’s vision is a little blurry, but the filmmaker wanted to go through the question Hollywood Reporter.

“As soon as someone tells me that my films are part of the Conjuring-verse, it’s easy for me to think that they repeat each other. But making films is like raising children. Everyone has their own personality and becomes individuals in their own right. The same applies to films too. (…) I’m such a fan of the franchise and this universe that I love it when connections are made.

I like feeling like what I’m doing is part of something bigger, and I like feeling the weight of it. It makes me feel like I’m simultaneously building something that starts from something different while also working towards the same thing. (…) So I’m the one who tries to incorporate these connections into the story. »

There could therefore be a wide range of allusions to the franchise incantation, much to the delight of fans. In any case, the film will be available in French and international cinemas. from September 13, 2023.

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