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The Netherlands has a new exchange; and it is also the cheapest

Our frog country enables every crypto investor to choose from a wide range of crypto exchanges for buying bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH) or other cryptocurrencies. The most recent addition to this laundry list of crypto exchanges is the Amsterdam-based Finnish. Finst was developed by former employees of DEGIRO – the Netherlands’ most popular investment application – and was launched on January 9, 2023.

Finst wants to set up a level playing field for all crypto investors where retail investors can enjoy the same tools and conditions as professional crypto traders. Finst wants to invest it in crypto as accessible, safe and cheap as possible.

Cheapest bitcoin exchange in the Netherlands

Finst markets itself as the cheapest crypto exchange in the Netherlands. With a fixed rate of 0.15% per transaction, it is no less than 82% cheaper than the average transaction costs of 8 other crypto exchanges that, like Finst, are registered with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). In other words: if you choose to invest €1,000, you will be €7.05 cheaper with Finst than with the ‘average’ competitor. With Finst there is also no added value spread, minimum amount or minimum volume. Finally, no fees are charged when depositing and withdrawing money. On this page you can compare the costs of Finst with those of the other Dutch exchanges.

Anyone who opens an account with Finst this month can do the first two weeks until €5,000 trade for free. Sign up using this link until February 28 to take advantage of the promotion or register with the promo code ‘FINST500’.

Figure 1: Finst’s services can be used on both desktop and mobile.

Is Finnish safe?

After falling over ftx security and transparency has suddenly gained extra value with many crypto investors. Protecting customer funds and customer privacy is the top priority of the crypto exchange. As well as registration with DNB, it is under strict supervision and is therefore obliged to comply with strict Dutch laws and regulations.

All cryptocurrencies are stored with Fireblocks which has several technologies to ensure the security of your assets. In addition, the assets are held 1:1 and separated from the company at all times. Unlike many other crypto platforms, users are never traded and assets will not be loaned to other parties or used in any way.

Finally, the money you have on the platform is placed with Bunq, a regulated and one of the most renowned Dutch banks. Bunq therefore more or less owns your money, making it completely safe.

Sign up now and trade for the first two weeks until €5,000 free!

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