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The Marías are back in Mexico with special guests

The Marías está de regreso en México con invitados especiales

Indie pop and soul band The Marías have announced their return to Mexico with two highly anticipated concerts. The shows will take place in June 2024 and promise unforgettable evenings for music fans in Mexico City.

The presentations will take place at the emblematic Foro Puebla Puebla 186, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc, where the band will perform on two consecutive evenings.

The first evening is Tuesday, June 11th, the second evening is Wednesday, June 12th. On both dates the shows start at nine o’clock in the evening and offer visitors an unforgettable musical experience.

The Marías’ style has fascinated hundreds of people

The Marías, known for their gentle and melodic style that combines jazz, soul and R&B influences, have managed to captivate international audiences with their lyrics in English and Spanish.

These concerts will not only offer fans the opportunity to enjoy their hits and new material, but will also feature special guests who will add a unique touch to each evening.

great guests

On the first night they will welcome special guest Diles Que No Me Maten, a Mexican band known for their eclectic genre mix of rock, punk and alternative music.

Their live performances are characterized by energy, profound lyrics and a distinctive sound that challenges traditional rock conventions.

The band’s name is a literary allusion to the novel “Tell Them Not to Kill Me” by Mexican writer Juan Rulfo.

The second evening will feature Juan Palitos Chinos, who has also stood out on stage for his talent and energy.

The Marías concerts in Mexico promise unforgettable experiences for live music lovers. With their distinctive style and appeal of special guests, these evenings are sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences.

Tickets can be purchased online and at the forum box office. So buy them early so you don’t miss out on these incredible shows.

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