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The Lo Mónaco group is closing

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The Lo Mónaco group, Company founded by Livio Lo Mónaco when he emigrated to Spain, has just closed after 26 years of selling Granada mattresses. The group of companies founded in 1996 most popular latex mattresses in our countrybecame the company’s star product and thus overshadowed important companies in the industry.

Lo Monaco revolutionized its distribution through a Home visiting systemin which specialized consultants tailor their recommendations to the customer individually, taking into account the actual needs of each individual.

Over the years the brand has grown in the market. We reach more than 700,000 customers. In fact, they set up a sleep lab to conduct research on rest, and as they say on their website, they were the first company in the industry to receive this R&D&I certificate regulated by the UNE 166002 standard.

Aside from that, Lo Mónaco was also involved in solidarity projects. In fact, just a few years ago, the Italian businessman, married to Granada actress Cristina Peña, came to the attention of the media for donating a luxury sailboat to the NGO Open Arms, which earned him the Gold Star of Professional Excellence.

However, the last few years did not go well for the group and ultimately it failed to overcome the crisis that it brought with it. An Employment Regulation File (ERE) in 2019, the Covid pandemic, the Sale by Livio to an investment fund in 2021He Closure of the physical store in Granadaas well as the constant complaints from customers who have not received the mattresses in recent months have brought about the end of this company’s history.

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