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The Little Mermaid: Reviews are currently (very) mixed

La Petite Sirène © Disney

New live-action adaptation of disney : The little Mermaid of Rob Marshall with the 23-year-old singer Halle Bailey in the central role ofAriel. who says movie disney necessarily says critical success and at the box office. Many projects have managed to win the billion dollar box office receipts and positive reviews. In this sense, the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes always gives general trends regarding the first returns of a film. And if some disney in live-action like Pinocchio (2022) And Aladdin (2019) did not perform very well, feedback on the Little Mermaid are quite pessimistic.

The film records a score of 73% good reviews on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoestwo points below the threshold to be certified “ Fresh“. In comparison, the average cruella accumulated 75%the copied and pasted remake of Lion King 52% And Mulan barely 72%. It is therefore clear that the classics disneyif they perform at the box office, do not please the critics who criticize the excessive ease of adaptation of the basic material.

Carried out by Marshall and written by David Magee, The little Mermaid of disney features Halle Bailey in the role ofAriel, Melissa McCarthy in the role ofUrsula, Jonah Hauer King in the role of the prince Eric And Jacob Tremblay in that of Flounder. Awkwafina And Daveed Diggs respectively lend their voices to the characters of Scuttle And Sebastian the Crabwith Javier Bardem in the role of king Triton.

The first French reviews are deeply negative, whether on the side ofWidescreen or social network Critical sense (4.9/10 overall average). It remains to wait a few weeks now to have a real course report.

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