Home Business “The intelligence of data and technology, keys to Pepper’s personalized financing”

“The intelligence of data and technology, keys to Pepper’s personalized financing”

Pepperbelonging to an Australian group with a presence in 13 countries, he is a specialist in deferred payment with more than 15 years of experience in Spain. The company has more than 11,000 online and physical outlets connected to its solutions and more than 1.4 million customers have trusted them to finance their purchases.

The moment of payment by the consumer is one of the main ones pain points of the online purchasing process. Ensuring conversion requires trustworthiness and the right customer experience.

The consumer appreciates having different payment alternatives. He even requires them to initiate a purchase. For this reason, deferred payment has become an almost mandatory option in the watch for most online businesses, big or small.

Pepper’s differential proposal

E-commerce or physical stores that use Pepper solutions understand the role of financing as a very important part of their business. That’s why they are very demanding and require agile and simple processes, competitive rates and high conversion rates. That’s where Pepper makes a difference through its commitment to data and technology in a process of continuous improvement.

This business philosophy has led them to be pioneers in the implementation of 100% digital financing solutions or in the implementation of instant payments to businesses.

A Pepper are also aware of the importance of Done offer a differentiated service. In 2019 they started using Machine learning to transform all your advanced data models with the idea of ​​generating positive effects on your e-commerce partners and their consumers.

Personalization for the merchant

Actually inside Pepper has more than 11,000 stores using their deferred payment products and solutions. Each point of sale requires a customized solution. This is what they are looking for when they choose them, a product ad hoc to your business that allows you to increase your sales by improving the experience of your customers.

This is why Pepper decided years ago to specialize in point-of-sale financing through customized models by vertical, channel and also point-of-sale, both physical and online.

They are supported by an omnichannel and omniproduct platform which allows merchants to manage their customer financing offer from the same place for their e-commerce store or their physical channel.

Many merchants Those who use Pepper, in addition to omnichannel, perceive the value based on the increase in sales due to the conversion rates they achieve thanks to the use of their data and decision-making models.

The employment of Machine learning It allows you to streamline the decision-making process in each loan, achieving loan approval rates above 80% and average ticket increases of more than 20%.

An agile process, in real time and with very little documentation that significantly improves the customer experience, which increases its loyalty to the brand and its recurrence of purchases.

next challenges

They have just launched the first APP for businesses on the market. A pioneering tool that revolutionizes the business experience by allowing processing and payment in just 2 minutes in a 100% digital way and immediate financing of up to 10,000 euros, without documentation and from any device, mobile or tablets.

Another of its next steps is the use of open banking in all its products and channels due to its ability to improve customer experience and go further in approval rates for large amounts, something very necessary for its traders to improve their sales.

A responsible commitment

Pepper is committed to being a smart and responsible financing option for its clients. As, analyzes the situation of each consumer to customize the payment solution that best suits your particular circumstances in order to avoid financing that becomes overly indebted or cannot be sustained.

90% of purchases financed with Pepper carry no interest, which facilitates consumers’ access to all types of products through very comfortable monthly installments adapted to their needs.

In addition to its commitment to the customer, the company promotes activities with a positive impact that help generate greater environmental, social and economic progress.

In the environmental field, Pepper, which is carbon neutral, has received certification AENOR CO2 Calculated and the seals of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge of Calculation and Remuneration 2020 and 2021.

In line with its sustainable commitment, the company is currently immersed in calculating its 2022 footprint and looking for projects to help offset it, which we will hear more about very soon.

In the social field, Pepper collaborates with various foundations and associations, through donations and participating in campaigns.

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