The INEFI reaches its 25 years

The National Institute of Physical Education (INEFI) arrives next Monday, January 16, at its 25th anniversary, which it will celebrate with various activities that include a thanksgiving mass at the Primada de América Cathedral and an offering floral ceremony at the Altar de la Patria, acts headed by its executive director, Alberto Rodríguez.

The executive director of INEFI pointed out that this institution is responsible for coordinating, supervising and evaluating plans and programs for the development of physical education and school sports, to guarantee comprehensive quality education at the initial, basic and intermediate levels in public and private educational institutions in the country.

Likewise, promote the execution of activities, plans and projects and ensure the adaptation and implementation of the general educational policy, organize municipal, provincial and national gymnastics festivals, and supply didactic materials to children and adolescents in educational centers. public and private, for the teaching of physical education, such as: volleyball balls, basketball, soccer, chess, hoops, ropes, marbles, etc.

Also, develop research, innovation, monitoring and evaluation programs aimed at the personnel of the educational system and the community, as well as physical education, sports and recreation, and manage, direct and supervise the construction and repair of the physical sports infrastructure of public and private educational institutions in the country.

Rodríguez specified that INEFI’s main focus is to be recognized as a highly professional organizational structure that provides a quality service for the development of physical education, school sports and recreation, promoting the progress of human capacities, sponsoring social integration. , with a sense of identity that lead to the achievement of sustainable human development.

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The official pointed out that as a service institution, INEFI has the responsibility of providing sports equipment to the general public, the conditioning of sports courts belonging to both the educational system and the national sports system (public or private centers, sports clubs, neighborhood courts , municipal, etc.).

Also, the necessary technical training to be eligible as a sports monitor in the educational system of the Dominican Republic.

“This service is focused on the general population that meets the requirements established in the agreement signed between the Ministries of Education and Sports and Recreation,” he specified.

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