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The impressive representative of Art Pop, Trip Hop and R&B

What you need to know:

Sevdaliza returns to Mexico for Ceremonia 2024. We tell you more about this artist that you should definitely know.

From time to time, artists emerge in the music industry who break the rules and everything established. And although not everyone understands them at first, over the years people identify and adopt the songs or ideas that the musician wants to convey. This is exactly what is happening with Sevdaliza.

For quite some time now This singer-songwriter has done a lot of interesting things, combining genres and styles that seemingly have nothing in common.. But he also used his music to talk about important issues. And if you don’t know her, don’t worry, Here we tell you what you need to know to enter Sevdalitsa.

Listen to Sevdaliza, the icon of art pop, trip hop and R&B
Sevdaliza at a Balenciaga event/Photo: Getty Images

Who is Sevdalitsa?

Sevdaliza is the stage name of Sevda Alizadeh, an Iranian-Dutch singer, songwriter, record producer, visual artist and director. who was born on September 1, 1987 in Tehran, Iran, of Azerbaijani, Russian and Persian ancestry. Even though everything seemed normal, His life changed forever when he moved to Rotterdam, Netherlands with his family at the age of five.

Although he always showed an artistic side at the age of 16, Sevdaliza left home after winning a scholarship for basketball and eventually played for the Netherlands basketball team.. In addition to her career as a high-performance athlete, Alizadeh studied at university and even completed a master’s degree in communications. He had practically marked his path well.

Sevdaliza performs at Primavera Sound Barcelona 2023 Festival/Photo: Getty Images

Sevdaliza walked from the basketball courts to the stage

However, for reasons that he has not yet explained, Sevdaliza decided to give up basketball and the life she was leading to pursue her artistic impulses in the early 2010s. Two years later, this artist released several singles like “DelftsBlauw”, “Colorblind”, “Race Against the Machine” and “Lions”with which he won one or two fans on the Internet.

For 2014, Sevdaliza’s project began to gain strength thanks to the release of her song “Clear Air” and the video clip with which she promoted it.. She later released other singles that garnered attention, including “Sirens of the Caspian” and “Backseat Love,” which caught the attention of critics and trade media.

But in January 2015 Sevdaliza released her debut EP titled The suspended child, which he worked on for more than a year and a half and which received very positive reviews for its interesting proposal. Although this artist’s creativity doesn’t stop, she spent the following months releasing a lot of fresh music.

All year round Sevdaliza presented highly prized singles such as “The Valley” and “One Armed Lullaby”. But the most important thing is this In 2015 he also published his second short material, Silk children. For 2016, the artist didn’t let her arms down, because with songs like “Time” and “Human” and appearances at festivals in the USA and Europe, she began to pave the way for one of the most important points – to this day – in his Career.

Her debut album and the most important song in Sevdaliza’s career

Throughout her musical career, Sevdaliza continued to release songs in which she sang in English. However, That changed in 2017 with the premiere of “Bebin,” the first song he performed in Persian.. And there’s a reason for all of this Well, he brought up this issue after Donald Trump signed Executive Order 13769 this year.which banned refugees and citizens of Muslim countries from entering the United Statesincluding Iran.

About this song and the idea of ​​composing it, Sevdaliza explained that this arose from the entire situation of discrimination and xenophobia against people who are stigmatized for no other reason than their place of origin.

“I couldn’t rest in privilege in protest against the inhumane political climate. I wrote “Bebin” in Farsi (related to Persian) to solidify it. I stay strong with love. In this case, I avoid the mainstream media because I have no interest in participating in a victimized concept. Capture this message without lights, camera and action. I’m just a messenger. “In the brain of love there is no place for racism or intolerance.”

Mid-2017 and after presenting songs like “Hero” and “Hubris” Sevdaliza finally released her first studio album, ISON (which, curiously, is the same name of a comet that passes near the sun). And boy, did he take it out of the ballpark with this album. The singer-songwriter used all of these songs to talk about important issues for women at the momentsuch as the limited roles expected of them in society and much more.

With her second album, Sevdaliza opened a new stage in her career

Although there were many dates in much of Europe and the United States between 2017 and 2018, Sevdaliza didn’t stop releasing music. So you will have an idea, released several singles, including “Marilyn Monroe”, “Mad Women” and “Soul Syncable”, but also presented her third EP The callingwhere his sound developed.

For 2019, Sevdaliza released a new single that would mark the beginning of a new musical chapter in her career: “Darkest Hour.”, the first preview of his next studio album and which was accompanied by songs that were not part of this material. After long waiting, Her second album was finally released in August 2020, Shabarangin which he lowers the speed slightly with much gentler melodies.

2023-2024: A special moment for the consecration of Sevdalitsa

But without a doubt, one of the best times of Sevdaliza’s career was between 2021 and 2022Well, in addition to releasing the EP Raving Dahlia and several very popular songs, he also played his first performances in Latin America and even He made his debut in Mexico at Corona Capital 2022 They share the stage and poster with My Chemical Romance, Arctic Monkeys, Miley Cyrus and many more.

Now it seems so Sevdalitsa broke it in 2023. Initially it was presented at the editions of Primavera Sound in Barcelona and Madrid. And what do you think? Now she returns to AX Ceremonia in 2024 to establish herself as a must-follow artist in Mexico.

What makes Sevdaliza so special?

As you can see, Sevdaliza is an artist who is completely out of the ordinary, because he, along with other music industry figures, are, as they say, “cooking for themselves.” And the truth is that What we like about his project is precisely that he always strives to renew his music and completely reinvent himself in the process.

Throughout their discography we can hear many genres and styles of music. But without a doubt, What Sevdaliza does best and where she is a true master is combining trip hop, art pop or experimental pop and alternative R&B. There’s really no one like her when it comes to combining these sounds. Aside from that, She uses her songs as a platform to talk about important issues for women today..

So if you like artists who never stay in their comfort zone and always strive to evolve as musicians, composers and performers, then You should listen to Sevdaliza’s suggestion because we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised and it will become your new musical obsession.

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