“The Heist of the Century”: the true story that inspired the flagship series “La Casa de Papel”

If the Perfect Heist is a gangster movie myth, it is also a reality. From which the cinema was inspired. The Heist of the Century, which comes out Wednesday, September 8, is inspired by that of Bank Rio de Buenos Aires in 2006, whose mastery recalls that of Spaggiari at the head of the sewer gang in Paris in 1976. In both cases, a brain, including s is inspired by the phenomenon series La Casa de papel.

Fernando gathers five of his pals for the daring robbery of hundreds of bank vaults, tunneling from the sewers, not to get in, but to get out. The true story of Argentina’s biggest heist in 2006, whose robbers, equipped with dummy weapons are now free and the loot found incomplete.

Fernando Araujo’s plan of the Rio bank robbery is a real movie. Thought out down to the smallest detail by a stoner, the final step leading to the vault room goes down in the annals of the history of bank robbers. The pacifism in the execution of the attack, in spite of the strong threats of artificial weapons returns, with however less panache, to the breakage of the sewer workers of Spaggiari. The latter left a note intended for the police: “without weapon, neither hatred, nor violenceIn the film, Fernando leaves a message of the same ilk.

As some writer-directors – Orson Welles, Stanley Kubrick, John Huston – sometimes don’t know how to finish their film, Fernando doesn’t know how to open the vault. Fernando knows how to enter the bank but not to rob his heart. Until a final turnaround that will change the situation. This amounts to putting together a script for the police, and therefore making films for the police, in order to do the real thing. A film within a film in a way. Hat.

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Diego Peretti and & nbsp; Guillermo Francella in & nbsp;"The Heist of the Century" by Ariel Winograd (2021).  (EUROZOOM)

Is it a coincidence, but the sewers and the tunnel under construction of the film are reminiscent of those of the penitentiary planet ofAlien 3, which would corroborate the film in the film but in its first part. A little too long, but masterfully executed, The Heist of the Century embarks like a feel-good movie that reconnects with the best of breakout films.

The poster of & nbsp;"The Heist of the Century" by Ariel Winograd (2021).  (EUROZOOM)

Kind : Policeman
Director : Ariel Winograd
Actors : Rafael Ferro, Pablo Rago, Guillermo Francella, Juan Alari, Diego Peretti, Mariano Argento
Country : Spain
Duration : 1h54
Exit : September 8, 2021
Distributer : Eurozoom

Synopsis: Argentina, 2006. A group of burglars are preparing to carry out one of the most famous and ingenious heists in Argentine history, that of the Rio bank.

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