The former president of Argentina and who presided over the emblematic and award-winning Boca Juniors Club for 12 years, Mauricio Macri visited the Cibao FC facilities, admiring the building and the group of young people that make up the organization.

Macri was accompanied by engineers Manuel Estrella and Félix García, from the Cibao FC board,as well as Alberto Polanco, General Manager.


Estrella presented the former Argentine president, the technicians and players of that South American country, who militate with the eleventh orange.

The first to greet was the Sports Director Gabriel Fernández, with whom he exchanged impressions on soccer, and then began a similar dialogue with his countryman Jorge Alfonso, who is the Technical Director and current champion of the Dominican Soccer League (LDF).

The engineer Estrella also introduced him to the player Lihué Prichoda, Argentine reinforcement of the team, Macri was interested in knowing which part of Argentina he was from and in the divisions he came to play.


One by one the members of the Cibao FC squad were introduced, while engineer Estrella presented him with a team shirt with the number 1 and the surname Macri.

In a few words, the distinguished guest took the opportunity to advise the players to maintain the unity of the club, because that is where success lies.

“The best player must be the first to show up for training, in order to set an example for others and continue to be the best,” Macri said.


He highlighted the greatness of the symbol player of Boca Juniors, Martín Palermo, indicating that he was great and the first to appear on the pitch.

Macri served as President of Argentina in the period 2015-2019, and was president of Club Atlético Boca Juniors between 1995 and 2007

At one point, the former Argentine President joked about the importance of football, saying that on many occasions they remember him as the president of Boca Juniors, but they are not interested in knowing if it was Argentina.


“That’s football, a new religion,” he said between smiles.