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The first image of “el chapito” Ovidio Guzmán during his extradition to the United States

The first image of “el chapito” Ovidio Guzmán during his extradition to the United States

TO Ovidio Guzman Lopez When he is extradited to the USA, uncertainty appears on his face. The son of imprisoned Mexican drug trafficker Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman poses half unprepared for a Photo taken on board the plane that takes him to the destination he has been escaping all his life: Indictment filed with US federal authorities.

Ovidio Guzmán was first arrested in Mexico last January, where he remained imprisoned in the Altiplano prison in the Mexican state near the capital. The Mexican authorities accused him there Crimes against health and carrying firearmsbut he is also being investigated for crimes related to organized crime. The accusations leveled against him on neighboring soil are now more serious. Guzmán López is facing charges in the United States Fentanyl trafficking, giving a boost to the Biden administration’s efforts to curb the spread of this deadly opioid.

The country’s attorney general, Merrick Garlandsaid that the extradition of Ovidio Guzmán – 33 years old – was the latest step in US efforts to attack “every aspect” of the drug trade operated by the Sinaloa Cartel, which has long been linked to the Guzmán family. For years, his father was the top leader of this criminal group, which also spread terror through murders and extortion. U.S. authorities also said they were “grateful to our counterparts in the Mexican government for this extradition,” the official statement said.

For Washington Extradition sends a much longer message than that of a single person. It’s partly a sign of that The origin of the fentanyl crisis may lie in Mexico, as has been discussed in many international forums. This capture conveys to the drug trafficking family the image of the threat that the synthetic opioid poses highly addictive poison that kills nearly 200 Americans every dayAnd. That death toll has put pressure on the Biden administration and led to diplomatic tensions between the United States and Mexico in recent years. The Justice Department’s thesis is that Guzmán and his brothers “Los Chapitos” allegedly control and obtain extensive international operations in the trafficking of this drug Hundreds of millions of dollars in profits by “flooding” the country with them..

In fact, the Justice Department requested Guzmán’s extradition in February to face drug charges in a U.S. court. But it is known that extradition proceedings for prominent Mexican drug traffickers can take years. However, this one was even faster than his father’s, “El Chapo,” who was brought to the United States just a year after his last arrest in Sinaloa in early 2016.

Ovidio Guzmán López, son of “Chapo” Guzman
Ovidio Guzmán López, son of “Chapo” Guzmánthe reason

The Sinaloa Cartel did not always trade in fentanyl; penetration into this business has increased in recent yearsYes. Experts believe that the commitment to synthetic opiates is due to the fact that their effect is 50 times stronger than that of heroin.

First picture

  • Handcuffed and still wearing the Altiplano prison uniform and inmate number 5684, “El Ratón” traveled from Mexico to Chicago.
  • Without a beard, with short hair and glasses, the image of “El Chapito” is completely different than the one he used to wear.

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