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The details missing for Gabri Veiga to leave Celta

In the last few hours it was confirmed that there would be an agreement between Gabri Veiga and Napoli. The talented player, who currently plays for Celta Vigo, is set to seal his fate in Italy with a five-year deal that increases to an impressive €2m per season.

However, the transfer won’t be as easy as Calcimercato says. Aurelio De Laurentiis, Napoli president, has opted not to pay the €40m termination clause laid down in Gabri Veiga’s contract with Celta Vigo. Instead, the negotiations point to an amount of almost 35 million euros, which would represent an improvement agreement for both sides.

The Galicians want to secure more money in the future

Despite the fact that a preliminary agreement has been reached, the final stage of the agreement has not yet been reached. The current obstacle lies in the details that need to be clarified between Napoli and Celta de Vigo. In particular, it is necessary to establish the system of variable payments that the Italian club will have to make to the Galician team, as well as the percentage that Celta de Vigo will retain in the event of a future sale of Veiga.

Sources close to the negotiations show that both parties are keen to reach a mutually beneficial and fair settlement. Although there is no definitive date for the handshake that will seal the deal, the teams are expected to reach an agreement in the coming days.

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