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That’s how long you have to stake crypto to earn a lambo

Lamborghini lanceert nieuwe NFT-collectie

Many people will put a portion of their hard-earned savings into it bitcoin (BTC) in the hope that the price of the king of cryptocurrencies will rise. Perhaps in the hope of becoming financially independent, or even to be able to purchase certain luxury products such as an expensive car. However, you can also earn a nice annual return with crypto in another way: staking.

Bitcoin strike

Staking basically means that you keep your cryptocurrencies, be it gimbal (ADA), ethereum (ETH) or bitcoin is, make it work for you. By keeping your coins in a certain place you can earn a nice return without having to do anything else. In this way you not only benefit from price increases, but this strike return is added to this.

In general, they are mainly proof of stake cryptocurrencies that you can stake, but you can also use various crypto exchanges proof of work crypto, such as bitcoin, of course, to collect annual passive income.

One of the places where this is possible is Dutch crypto broker Coinmerce. Through their Coinmerce Earn program you can earn an annual return with bitcoin without having to do anything.

For example, if you stake 1 BTC on Coinmerce, then you can earn 170 euros per year from strike proceeds. Although that does not immediately mean that you can get the champagne out of the closet, it is passive income. Naturally, this return scales as you stake a larger amount of BTC.

Passive income on Coinmerce

For example, if you stake ADA on Coinmerce, the return will already skyrocket. An annual expected yield of no less than 4.5% applies to this! So if you were to spend $20,000 on ADA, you could be pocketing almost $1,000 on an annual basis, and that adds up nicely. Some cryptocurrencies offer even a much higher annual return.

To be able to buy a lamborghini from your strike proceeds, you will therefore have to be very patient, or have to start with a lot of money. Earning a lamborghini with staking is therefore not for most people, but the fact remains that it is absolutely possible!

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