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Alcaraz reveals his inspiration from Federer and Nadal since his youth, marking his career in tennis

Carlos Alcaraz, the young hope of world tennis, has been at the center of the debate about who his biggest inspiration is in the world of tennis. A video of Alcaraz, aged just 13, settled that debate, expressing his admiration for two of the greatest tennis players in history: Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal. This video It is a window to the first steps of Alcaraz in tennis and his vision of who his idols and references were at that time. His preferences fluctuated between Federer and Nadal, two pillars of world tennis.

In 2015, Alcaraz declared his admiration for Federer, but a year later, in 2016, Rafa Nadal took first place in his preference ranking. Alcaraz’s words about wanting to be like Nadal because of his hard training and dedication show the deep impression the Spanish tennis player left on him. Alcaraz has always seen Nadal as a role modelnot only for his success on the field, but also for his work ethic and fighting spirit.

    Alcaraz Nadal
Alcaraz’s career is a testament to the influence these role models have on new generations of tennis players.

The influence of Federer and Nadal on Alcaraz’s career

Alcaraz’s career was heavily influenced by the careers and playing styles of Federer and Nadal. Alcaraz’s decision to take Nadal as his great reference underlines the importance of having role models in sport. The opportunity to face Federer before his retirement was an unfulfilled dream for Alcaraz, who has always expressed his admiration for the Swiss.

On the other hand, his connection to Nadal goes beyond mere admiration. Alcaraz’s suggestion to Nadal to partner in doubles at the next Paris Olympics shows not only his respect for Nadal, but also his desire to work with and learn from one of the best tennis players of all time. This claim reflects Alcaraz’s ambition and commitment to achieve the highest goals in the world of tennis.

Alcaraz and his wish for the Olympic Games in Paris

The young Wimbledon champion He wasted no time in suggesting Nadal as his partner. Doubles at the Paris Games, a dream that reflects the deep respect and admiration he feels for the Balearic tennis player. The opportunity to train and play alongside Nadal in Paris is a dream for Alcaraz and shows his desire to learn from the best.

In addition to his desire to play alongside Manacor, Alcaraz continues to go his own way in world tennis. His achievements and style of play already make him one of the leaders of the new generation of tennis players. The influence of Nadal and Federer on his career is obvious, but the Murcian is also establishing his own identity in the sport.

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