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Tavares left without a team in the NBA: Real Madrid accelerate his renewal

Edy Tavares’ continuity at Real Madrid has been a hot topic for several weeks as Europe’s top center received a juicy offer from the NBA to try his luck again in the world’s best league

Thirteen games spread over two seasons were the duration the adventure of Eddy Tavares in the NBA. His stints with the Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers did not go as the Cape Verdean center expected as he faced few opportunities. He finally signed for Real Madrid two years after leaving the North American league and the rest is already history of the ACB-Liga and the Euroleague.

In all that time, he’s become the best, most decisive center in Europe, winning multiple MVP awards and multiple top five appearances. Now, at 31, the center has received another call from the top league in the world. And that’s it A franchise offered Edy Tavares a major contract to return to the NBA.

NBA bid for Edy Tavares expires
Tavares will extend his contract at Real Madrid

Tavares is no longer an NBA bid

As we have learned in the last few weeks, The Portland Trail Blazers had offered Edy Tavares a lucrative contract. A deal that had completely paralyzed the Cape Verde center’s contract extension by Real Madrid, which negotiations were already well under way. However, faced with an offer of this magnitude, the player considered trying his luck in the NBA again.

In total, The Blazers offered Tavares a multi-year contract for an amount that exceeded $3 million. The center seemed ready to take it, but recently we learned that the offer has expired. And it so happens that the Portland franchise has taken the services of another pivot that has left no gap to Cape Verdeans.

Real Madrid are accelerating their renewal

Yesterday we commented on this in ElGolDigital Moses Brown, Real Madrid’s target should Tavares leave, had signed with the Portland Trail Blazers. As they are two similar players, the Cape Verdean’s opportunity to sign for the Oregon-based franchise was immediately gone, ruling out his return to the NBA for now.

The same is the case here the renewal of Tavares by Real Madrid. A renewal that is once again on track and will tie Europe’s crucial center to the white team for several more seasons. In this way we have guaranteed one of the best duels in the ACB league, a competition in which we will see Willy Hernangómez face off against the Real Madrid center.

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