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Spanish favorite marketplaces

These are the marketplaces preferred by the Spanish at Christmas

Amazon keep leading the ranking of notoriety and penetration of the marketplaces in Spain: almost all online buyers know it (96%) and 9 out of 10 buyers have ever bought in it, according to the latest edition of the Marketplace Study 2023made by the agency Tandem Up, which analyzes the state of the channel in our country and which this year highlights the appearance of different buyer profiles in marketplaces. In this sense, the data reveals that for 8 out of 10 buyers is their usual search channel and his main purchase channel. Besides, still has the ability to capture 98% of its visitors and of retain 9 out of 10 buyers, metrics far removed from the rest of its competitors. Specifically, the US marketplace is preferred by users for its variety of offer, speed, quality, trust, ease, security and reliability.

Amazon is followed, both in awareness and penetration, by AliExpress (57%) in second position, keeping your awareness metrics and penetration compared to last year, but losing loyalty capacity among its buyers; and The English Court (fifty%) which maintains its third position and increases the percentage of notoriety and penetration compared to 2022, in addition to strengthen your funnel.

The existence of the Amazon effect is also confirmed: 96% of buyers state that they know the platformbuy (90%), search for information and buy regularly (83%) and, in addition, be a user of Amazon Prime (64%). Amazon, AliExpress and El Corte Inglés are followed by Carrefour, MediaMarkt, decathlon and ebay as the best known marketplaces and with a purchase penetration above 30%.

Marketplaces, the main information search engine

Users claim that the marketplaces themselves have become their main sources of information, especially Amazon, AliExpress and Ebay (60%). It is followed by traditional search engines such as Google or Microsoft Bing (49%) and the store websites (46%). While social networks, a great source of information for the youngest, are still far from becoming a decisive source of information for buyers (12%).

In this context, The study also points out that the marketplaces continue to play a key role in the ecommerce environment: 78% of Spanish consumers between the ages of 16 and 70 have ever purchased on a marketplacewhich translates into the 100% of consumers online (24.7 million consumers). In addition, the shopping experience in marketplaces continues to be part of the daily life of the Spanish online shopper: 100% know, have visited, have purchased and consider the marketplace as their main ecommerce purchase.

On the other hand, the economic aspect is still the most important for Spanish buyers when buying on marketplaces: 45% of users acknowledge that price is the most relevant ‘driver’ for buying on marketplaces, since buyers perceive cheaper prices. Followed by free or cheap shipping (42%) and overall product quality (30%). In this sense, AliExpress could be considered as the marketplace that best meets the demands of online shoppers by standing out in the most important aspects for buyers such as price, shipping costs, variety, promotions, buying from your app or consulting evaluations and information about the seller.

Buyer profile and buying habits

Regarding the profile of the buyer of marketplaces, according to the study, it responds both to men (50%) and women (50%) with a age mean age 42 (he 78% are concentrated between the ages of 31 and 65) and with children at home.

Regarding shopping habits, Spaniards they buy on average 11.8 times a year in marketplaces, increasing slightly compared to 2022 (11.4 times a year), which translates into once a month. For his part, he average spending per purchase also increased and stood at 82.4 euros compared to 70.4 euros in 2022. Men (12.9 times a year) and younger shoppers aged 18 to 30 (13.7 times a year) lead the purchase frequency, however, they are the more seniors are those who spend the most (88.6 euros per purchase). Amazon (14.9 times/year) and Carrefour (13.9 times/year) lead the purchase frequency and MediaMarkt (200.4 euros) and The English Court (131.1 euros) the average ticket.

Another factor of special attention is that buyers They state that they prefer to buy directly through the websites of the different marketplaces (73%)which increases with respect to 2022, or combining web and app (18%)while buy from apps (9%) sand stays behind. Despite the fact that apps are not the main access platform, users prefer to make their purchases from mobile phones (51%), followed by computers (49%), although the latter stands out as an information search tool.

Most demanded categories

The study data shows that 5.6 different categories of products are purchased on average, but the most popular are: electronics, clothing and footwear, home, books, movies and music, and computing. Specifically, if we compare it with last year, andelectronic returns to number 1 to the detriment of Home, which moves to third position. In this sense, men buy significantly more electronics, computers and sports than women, while women opt more for clothing and footwear, home and stationery.

Regarding age, It is the youngest between 18 and 30 years old who buy more product categories (6.4). As age increases, the number of categories decreases. In addition, they stand out significantly compared to the rest of the ages in the purchase of computers.

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