Sony wants to change everything: an animated film about the Sinisters Six is ​​reportedly in the works

The pathetic box office performance of “ Madam Web » could redefine the strategy of Sony pictures in reference to its expanded cinematic universe, which focuses on the universe’s characters Spider-Man. With the previous rather unsuccessful attempts to bypass the antagonists Spider-Manas ” Morbius ” and so forth ” Kraven the Hunter“, Sony is apparently exploring new ways to captivate fans of the universe Spider-Man. Madam Web I experienced quite a failure with the public. In its final phase, the film suffered 77 million dollars and didn’t even make its original budget profitable.

The rumor suggests so Sony is thinking about an animated film Sinister Six » suggests a significant reassessment of their approach – and comes from the renowned insider Daniel Richtman / RPK. Historically “ Sinister Six » was intended as a gathering of the greatest enemies of Spider-Man, an idea that has long intrigued fans but has never been fully realized in a theatrical format. franchise Great by the time (2014) suggested a fanfare arrival of these villains, just like the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Homecoming where the vulture meet him Scorpio. At the end repeat with Sony who wanted to build around KravenTHE vulture And Morbius of Sinisters Six new look. The decision to renew the team in animation format could be a good idea Sony the creative flexibility needed to explore this team without the constraints and expectations that come with a live-action film.

Meanwhile, the announcement of a female-led mystery project adds further intrigue about the future direction of the universe Sony. This initiative could potentially pave the way for exploring unused female characters in the universe Spider-Man, offers a new perspective and enriches the universe with new stories. These random rumors don’t help you save Sony from this general Barnum, since we don’t know where they’re going. Now we have to wait for official confirmations from the studio.

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