Some 12 universities in the United States compete with the novel Jonathan Rodríguez

His talent for baseball is so extraordinary that at the age of 16, at least a dozencollegeis they are interested and dispute granting a scholarship to the novel Jonathan Rodríguez.

And it is not for less, his actions in the field surprise instructors and his own colleagues about the things he is capable of doing and that are part of the range of skills he exhibits.

One of them was the veteran Andrés Pérez Thomas, who for six seasons rubbed shoulders with the best existing talent in the Major Leagues during the period (1985-1990) and later when he retired he began to observe the most varied wonders of baseball. , after working with the Arizona D-Backs and Detroit Tigers.

Observing him for the first time in person, Pérez Thomas, a .234 hitter (2,103-493) with the Atlanta Braves, saw a physical resemblance to that of Francisco Lindor, the Mets’ billionaire shortstop, but seeing him work he grew his opinion with the Puerto Rican star.

“He owns all the tools to become a great baseball player, as a young man he only has to mature the innate abilities he possesses, take his destiny of becoming a professional baseball player very seriously and with dedication,” said the former player of El Esgido in the country. about this young player.

But who is Rodriguez, who has raised the hairs of someone who for more than four decades has watched wonders unfold around shortstop on an increasingly frequent basis.

He is a young man who, although he was born in Virginia, has his Dominican genes, a fact that he demonstrates on the field. His parents, Jonathan Rodríguez (Mao, Valverde) and Katherine Franco de Rodríguez (Baní) are natives of this land, rich and consistent in the production of players.

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He plays shortstop, has defensive skills that surpass youngsters his age and with the bat he has the skills to hit balls into the channels.

With great self-confidence, Rodríguez continued his preparation with a view to entering the United States draft in the coming years, a process he hopes to enter as prepared as possible.

To achieve this, he does it with intensity in the program of the University camp run by Sammy Lebue, who is currently spending a few days in the Dominican Republic receiving the collaboration of Pérez Thomas and also the coach named Erick.

On Tuesday, for example, Rodríguez went 2-for-3 in a warm-up game, while again demonstrating his shortstop skills in which he made several brilliant plays.

“I love coming to the Dominican to practice and polish my tools, here you work very hard, you see many pitches, of great variety, and I focus on improving every aspect of my game,” said the inexperienced.

“They are very competent, that’s why the Dominican Republic has a lot of talent and my aspiration is to become another Dominican who can reach the highest levels,” says the young man, who has Fernando Tatis Jr as his greatest idol.

Thecollegeis that they yearn for it

Somecollegeis that they have already made contact with their parents are those of Virginia University, Coastal Carolina, Georgetown, Duke, Maryland, Villanova, James Madison, Davison, Ohio, George Mason among others.

His parents Jonathan and Katherine have a great task ahead of them, that of studying and analyzing the one that best suits their offspring in their destiny to continue forward in their progress in baseball.


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