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Snapchat disables the “solar system” feature, accepting that it can mentally influence its users

Snapchat disables the “solar system” feature, accepting that it can mentally influence its users

Snapchat It recently reported that it had restricted this further Solar System function.. This is a feature provided by the application measures the level of friendship between two users taking into account the number of pictures and messages they share with each other.

He illustrates it using a solar system. Hence the name: “Illustrates how often one of your friends contacts you by displaying your friend as a sun and your Bitmoji avatar on a planet in our solar system. No other friends are shown, it is not a numerical ranking, and it is not visible to everyone else.

Until now I was available to Snapchat+ subscribers By default. In fact, the application states that it is “used on average by less than 0.25% of our community each day.”

Yet the policy has changed, and it has changed now You have to activate it the users themselves to be able to use it. In this way, the application hopes to “strike the right balance between providing a feature that many users want and avoiding annoyance for those who do not want to use it.”

“We understand that while it can feel good to know that you are close to someone, it can also feel bad to know that you are not as close to a friend as you would like. We have heard and understood that the solar system can make this feeling worse, and we want to avoid that,” the statement mentioned above said.

On the other hand, they have reported that they will analyze the feature thoroughly to improve it. “We strive to mitigate the potential disadvantages of online communication wherever possible.”

Recently the Canada’s Largest School Boards announced that they have filed lawsuits against TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat worth 3,069 million euros for the damage caused to its students.

The lawsuit accuses the four social networks of specifically designing their applications make them addictive to minors and maximizing their economic benefits at the expense of students’ mental health and well-being.

They also point out that these platforms Harassment, physical attacks and the spread of racist and hate messages and misinformation. And they add that the country’s schools have taken measures to respond to the problems caused by these platforms cause additional costsfor which they are demanding a total of 4.5 billion Canadian dollars in compensation.

“The defendants acted arrogantly, recklessly, maliciously and reprehensibly, without due regard for the well-being of the student body and the educational system,” says the lawsuit, filed by the Toronto District School Board, the school governing body for the Catholic District of Toronto, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board and Peel District School Board.

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