Shopping with Prime increases shopper conversion

Shopping with Prime increases shopper conversion

Amazon announces that Buying with Primethe company’s direct-to-consumer offering for merchants’ own online stores, Proven to increase shopper conversion by an average of 25%. Launched in April, Shop with Prime allows merchants to extend the shopping benefits of Prime, like fast and free delivery, a seamless checkout experience, and easy returns, into their own online stores to build their brands and establish direct relationships with consumers. customers.

Amazon also announces that this initiative will be widely available to US-based merchants starting January 31. Previously, Shop with Prime was only available to merchants by invitation. On the other hand, it announced the launch of Amazon reviews, a new proposal to help Shop with Prime merchants increase shopper confidence and conversion and better inform purchase decisions in their own online stores.

We’ve been working closely with merchants since the launch of Shop with Prime. We’ll continue to innovate and invest in new features like Amazon Reviews to help merchants of all sizes succeed and give Prime members the shopping benefits they love, whether on Amazon or beyond.

Peter Larsen, Amazon Vice President of Buying with Prime.

Conversion increase

Imdrive traffic and convert buyers are two main points for direct-to-consumer merchants. This data shows that offering Shop with Prime increases conversion by an average of 25%. This data point measures the average increase in shoppers placing an order when Buying with Prime was an available purchase option compared to when it was not, over the same time period. In September, Amazon launched traffic-driving solutions to help merchants attract shoppers.

“Our mission is to make smart home technology accessible to everyone. And that’s why we’re quick to seize the opportunity to offer Shop with Prime and the Prime Shipping Promise to our customers,” said Logan Dunn, head of e-commerce at Wyze. “I mean, who doesn’t want expedited checkout and fast free shipping? Our customers seem to agree. We are seeing a 25% higher conversion rate. We have now added Buy with Amazon to all eligible products in our catalog.”

“Trophy Skin was founded in 2013 on the idea that expensive in-office skin care treatments should be available at home,” said Susie Tew, director of e-commerce at Trophy Skin. “Adding Shop with Prime to our website allows us to take that idea further by giving Prime members the option to shop for skincare tools and topical themes with fast, free shipping and hassle-free returns. When given the option to pay using Buy with Amazon, we see a conversion rate increase of over 30%.”

“As we continue to optimize our direct-to-consumer channels, we need to ensure that our customers receive the same level of service wherever they shop, especially on our website,” said Emily Lease, director of e-commerce at Hydralyte. “Shop with Prime allows us to leverage our existing omnichannel operation to help build an even stronger eCommerce presence in the US. After adding Shop with Prime, we’ve seen a 14% increase in conversion.”

Amazon Reviews

When shopping with Prime merchants they can now display Amazon customer ratings and reviews in their own online stores at no additional cost. When an Amazon shopper leaves a rating and review for a brand’s product on, the same rating and review will now appear on the product pages of a merchant’s own online store. Created over 20 years ago by Amazon to help customers inform their buying decisions, customer reviews and ratings can help shopping with Prime merchants further increase shopper confidence and conversion.

“We are very excited to add Amazon reviews to our store,” said Javier Rabago, co-founder of Sustainable Glam. “By displaying our Amazon reviews directly on our website, it shows new customers what Amazon customers are saying about the quality and performance of our products and gives them confidence in their purchases.”

wide availability

Shopping with Prime will be widely available to interested US-based merchants before January 31. Previously, it was only available by invitation.

This initiative is designed to work with most online stores, including eCommerce service providers like BigCommerce. Today, BigCommerce announced that it will launch the Shop with Prime app in Q1 2023. This allows merchants to quickly add it to their BigCommerce site with no coding required.


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