Shirin hugged Shila and kissed her, holding her leg and apologizing

Actress Shirin Sheela was shooting. He was shooting in police uniform. At this time, a distraught teenager came forward, hugging Shirin Shila. Thinking that she was a child, the actress placed her on her chest and hugged her.

Once Shireen hugged Shila again as the teenager said, ‘Take me, I will study’. At the end the teenager kisses Shireen Shila on the cheek.

One such video has gone viral on social media for the past two days. But when she came to know about that teenager, the actress couldn’t sleep that night.

He said he is a rickshaw driver. Recently got married.

The actress called the boy a cheat while talking to Kal Kantha on Wednesday morning. He said, ‘He is married.

Married 9 days ago. Everything he told me was a lie.’

Shireen uploaded a video on Facebook this morning. Where the boy can be seen holding Shireen Shila’s leg and apologizing. Some of the shooting unit were even talking about handing him over to the police.

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