Sharp response from Iñaki Angulo to the threats from Pedrerol and El Chiringuito

Sharp response from Iñaki Angulo to the threats from Pedrerol and El Chiringuito

The journalist is not intimidated by the announcement of the criminal complaint by the Mega program

The case Vinicius has definitely gotten out of hand Pedrerol Y The beach bar. After the exclusive that the journalist offered on his channel Inaki Angulo, the presenter of the Mega program became quite nervous. Through social networks he announced that they would go to the end and file a criminal complaint.

Let’s go by parts: it all started with the unfortunate comment of Peter Brave, in full direct, when judging the celebrations of Vinicius Jr., urged the Brazilian to “not play the monkey”. The worldwide reactions of personalities such as Pelé or Neymarincreased the pressure on the Pedrerol program.

Inaki Angulo
Iñaki Angulo declares war on Pedrerol and El Chiringuito

Alleged threats from El Chiringuito to Vinicius

The millions of comments that came from all over the world, in the end, threatened the honorability of El Chiringuito and Pedrerol itself. But everything was there, in a mere crossing of explanations. Until yesterday. Because this Monday, Iñaki Angulo, a sports journalist who follows Real Madrid news on his YouTube channel, released very sensitive information about the Pedrerol program.

Iñaki accused the program of threatening Vinicius Jr before the Brazilian released the statement with the video of El Chiringuito. “If you publish the video of racism, we are going to destroy you”, they would have transferred the Brazilian from El Chiringuito. Pedrerol, very nervous, immediately came to the fore.

Iñaki Angulo responds to the criminal complaint of El Chiringuito

“At El Chiringuito we can make mistakes, do things right or wrong, but we have never had mafia behavior as we are accused of in the video. We are going to go to the end and we will file a criminal complaint to clarify the whole truth, “he said through El Chiringuito’s Twitch channel.

However, far from being intimidated, Iñaki Angulo once again made his position very clear, alleging that he has very concrete evidence that his information is real. Moreover, he urged Pedrerol, through a message on twitter, to give up his idea of ​​the lawsuit, because El Chiringuito, always in the words of this Basque journalist, could still come out of the situation much worse.


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