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Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 + will have cameras with 3x optical zoom

The photographic aspect will be one of the main improvements of the new range Galaxy S22. In fact, the next trio of smartphones from Samsung coming in 2022 should reinforce this aspect where their phones are good, but not exactly great.

That is, although the current S21 has a very good and versatile range of cameras, they are one step behind the colossus of Huawei and even the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, as pointed out by DxOMark. However, your next trio of products should reinforce that.

Reinforcement of photography in the Samsung Galaxy S22 generation

Samsung Galaxy S22
Digital rendering of the possible Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

According to the new leaks, both the base and more accessible model – Samsung Galaxy S22 – and the intermediate model – Samsung Galaxy S22 + (Plus), will have new cameras. The highlight is its optical magnification capacity of up to three times.

Remember that both the Galaxy S20 and S20 + released in 2020, as well as the Glaaxy S21 and S21 + released in 2021, were equipped with a 1.1x magnification. The values ​​are somewhat limited or even negligible for high-end smartphones.

However, thanks to their respective 64 MP main sensors, both generations were able to compensate for the limited optical zoom with digital zoom. Not that this solved all the problems since digital zoom, after a certain point, introduces more digital or grain noise. Something that was never wanted, but that always results from digital processing.

Therefore, nothing has replaced optical magnification. Then the image does not suffer from the appearance of digital noise. However, it may present some optical distortions, such as color deviations, deformations, among other symptoms.

Priority is set for Samsung Galaxy S22

Digital representation (render) of the possible Samsung Galaxy S22.

As we see more and more Chinese manufacturers seriously betting on photography, Samsung has taken a more conservative approach. However, it is to be expected that now it also opts for this system -periscopic optics- for the S22 and S22 +.

In doing so, Samsung will seriously improve the mid-range models of its next leading range. It will also give consumers more reasons to adopt their next high-end smartphones, even if it is the Ultra model that has all their “experience.”

This information is now advanced by the portal. GalaxyClub.nl, publication dedicated to the designs of the South Korean manufacturer. According to their report, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy S22 + will feature a 10 MP camera with telephoto optics. This camera will allow you to do 3x optical magnification (optical zoom) instead of the hybrid zoom / magnification of its predecessors.

All Galaxy S22s will have better optical magnification capabilities

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On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra model will have two 10 MP cameras with optical zoom. It will do this to combine its magnification capabilities, with one of the lenses having a periscope design.

In short, we have general improvements in terms of optical magnification not only in the top model, but in all the upcoming Samsung smartphones. These are some of the preliminary reports, but they have been particularly consistent.

Finally, it should be noted that Samsung should present these new phones in early 2022. However, we have more leaks alluding to the Samsung Galaxy S22.

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