Home Entertainment Salman Khan’s house was attacked for 4 lakhs

Salman Khan’s house was attacked for 4 lakhs

Salman Khan's house was attacked for 4 lakhs

Bollywood actor Salman Khan was shot dead outside his home on Sunday (April 14). Following this incident, the Mumbai Crime Branch arrested the two accused on Tuesday. A special team of Mumbai Police traveled to Gujarat and arrested the two accused. It is known that the accused are Vicky Gupta (24) and Sagar Pal (21).

The third accused in the case was arrested in Haryana on Wednesday evening.

According to the NDTV report, the police investigation this time has revealed some startling information. It is known that two members of the Bishnoi gang were paid Rs 4 lakh ‘supari’ for the attack on Salman Khan’s house.

The shooting incident took place last Sunday outside Salman Khan’s house.

In the CCTV footage, two bikers can be seen fleeing after firing indiscriminately. Bhuj police arrested the two accused within 48 hours of the incident. Investigators believe that the person arrested on Wednesday evening was an intermediary between the Bishnoi gang and the shooters. The investigation also revealed that the weapon was handed over to Sagar, one of the accused, on Saturday evening.
But who gave the weapon is still unknown. The police also claimed that she received Rs 100,000 as advance.

However, it is clear from the initial investigation that the attackers did not intend to kill Salman. The intention was simply to intimidate the “brothers”. They are also said to have scouted the area before the attack.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde visited Salman’s Galaxy Apartment on Tuesday afternoon after the perpetrators of the shooting were arrested. As the chief minister left the actor’s house, he addressed the media and said that Mumbai Police will take strict action in the entire incident. He also said that he would provide full protection to his entire family, including Salman. Chief Minister Shinde has already given responsibility to the Mumbai Police Commissioner in this regard. Prime Minister Shinde also promised to eliminate the Bishnoi gang.

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