Home Entertainment Salesians will carry out “National Festival of the Message Song”

Salesians will carry out “National Festival of the Message Song”

Salesians will carry out "National Festival of the Message Song"

Once again, the Salesian Youth Ministry will hold the “National Salesian Youth Artistic Festival of the Message Song”, better known as the “National Festival of the Message Song”, on May 27 in the Manuel Rueda Hall of the School of Fine Arts.

The youth meeting will serve for the promotion and support of moral, human and spiritual values, dedicated to the memory of Monsignor Fabio Rivas.

Young artists from different parts of Santo Domingo and the interior of the country such as Barahona, La Vega, Santiago, Mao and Jarabacoa, will exhibit their talent in singing, music, theater and dance.

The organizers seek to encourage collective artistic expression and creation in this way, which starts from unprecedented musical compositions that highlight reflective messages, with spiritual values.

The objective of this year is: “To promote environmental awareness through music and the performing arts, to generate responsibility and care for the common home in the artists, participants and spectators of the different Salesian houses in the country”, they indicated.

Some of the themes that can be taken as a reference for the song and artistic interpretation is love and admiration for nature; environmental awareness and sensitivity; environmental conservation; environmental coexistence; respect and environmental responsibility.

The festival will have the general production of Madeline Abreu and Noesi Producciones, who have a professional team for production of shows, technical direction, artistic direction, coordination and assembly.

The presenters will be the communicators Juan Cordero, Jennifer Almánzar and Alex Santiago with styling by Manuel Febrillet.

For this event, there is a jury of professional artists with a vast artistic career, as well as a commitment to social and cultural good, who will act impartially and confidentially for the development of healthy and effective competition.

The awards for the most outstanding and best produced presentations and creations will be valued in the following lines: Best Letter-Message (Composition); Best Music and Vocal Performance; Best Performance; Highest Award and Audience Award.

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