Russian School Massacre: An Iranian is insulted at a Ukrainian school

If anything has become clear after 18 months of Russian invasion, it is that The Russian army doesn’t take it seriously Basic rules of warfare. Without an iota of military ethics, the Russian armed forces They bomb hospitals, theaters and even schools.

In the Sumy region, a Shahed-type droneAn Iranian-made explosive attacked a school in Romny this Wednesday. According to the Interior Minister Ihor KlymenkoThe kamikaze drone killed four people and injured four others.

“Our enemy is insidious. Destroying peaceful cities and terrorizing civilians is a barbaric tradition of the Russian occupiers,” the interior minister stressed in his Telegram account, according to Europa Press.

Local authorities have reported that around 10:00 local time an unmanned aerial vehicle crashed into the school in the town of Romny. “Unfortunately, the institution’s building was completely destroyed,” the Sumy government said.

Unfortunately, the bodies of the Principal, Deputy Principal, Secretary and School Librarian They were rescued from the rubble. Also, according to the Kyiv Independent newspaper, the Russian attack injured four local residents who were passing by the school at the moment of the impact.

The Ukrainian newspaper reminds that the day before Russian forces launched attacks on seven border communities in the Sumy region, in total four people were injured.

Russian troops attacked border towns with artillery, mines, mortars and unguided rockets, firing more than 20 times in 24 hours. The attacks caused 115 explosions.

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