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Ross María, the young promise who has suffered ups and downs

Ross María, the young promise who has suffered ups and downs

The Dominican singer Rosa María Pineda, popularly known as “La Ross María”, was emerging as the great promise of urban music, due to her talented voice, clean letters and humility that characterized the young woman.

Years after her success with “Mi regalo más bonito”, the singer has left an entire audience that followed her, expectantly, waiting for more. This is because, in her short career, the exponent has had to deal with difficult situations in his personal life, coming to show his most vulnerable side on social networks.

On Monday, the 19-year-old girl did a live through Instagram account, where in the midst of tears she asked her followers to pray for her and her family.

Through tears, the artist made it known that she was going through a difficult situation, which she did not specify, however, she indicated that “I am desperate, I am very sad, my heart aches, my soul aches.”

The strong statements of the teenager worried her followers, however, Ross María has a history of ups and downs, the latter have set off the alarms and caused concern in her followers.

The success that surrounded her when she was only 17 years old, led her to record the song “Tú vas a tener que explicarme” with the bachatero Romeo Santos, which was released in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite having millions of views, the song caused controversy due to its lyrics and insinuations that Santos made in the song even as a minor.

His fame was rising like foam, because at the beginning of 2021 he signed a contract with Sony Music Mexico in partnership with 829Music Mundial, with which the young woman took another step to continue growing in the world of music.

The good news kept coming to the life of Rosa María, who was crowned the Revelation of the Year at the 2021 Soberano Awards.

La Ross María receiving the Sovereign Award.Daily Listin Archive

Like every person who has come to fame, the controversies are not long in coming, and it is that the rapper was harshly criticized when she was only 17 years old, who was her boyfriend, Frander Martínez made her a moving marriage proposal.

A video that circulated on social networks captured the moment when the young man kneels with the engagement ring and asks the question, while the singer is surprised and tearfully kisses him and says “yes.”

Given this, the wedding did not materialize because the young people separated some time later.

The rapper also continued to make music, releasing clean songs like “Mi plan contigo”, “Quiero verte” until collaborating on the bachata remix “Estoy perdido” with El Chaval de la Bachata.

With the arrival of 2022, the native of Los Mina, Santo Domingo Este, experienced new facets in her musical life, leaving everyone who followed his music open-mouthed with the song “El heladero”, a very different song from what he used to sing. This time with sexual references, dirty language and double meaning.

After this, the artist’s sympathies were affected by the drastic change she made in her lyrics.

Relationship with DJ Sammy

2022 not only brought a new version of Ross, it also started rumors of a relationship between the rapper and the music producer Dj Sammy, which the young man flatly denied and assured that their relationship was work.

In an interview on the Alofoke Radio Show, Sammy indicated that they only worked together and there was only a friendship.

However, just a month after those statements, they formally announced their relationship.

“Already confirmed, yes, don’t ask me on the networks”said Ross Maria in an interview.

Since then, the couple has been in the eye of the hurricane due to rumors of separation, mental health among other controversies.

Months after they began their relationship, Ross María announced the sad news that he had had a miscarriage, for which she stated that “our hearts are in pieces”.

The loss of their firstborn affected the couple, who expressed being full of illusion with the expectation of the baby.

According to her statements, the artist was on tour in Spain, where she began to feel the complications that sponsored her return to the Dominican Republic, and later the event occurred.

The year was not going well for the interpreter “Your kisses”, in October her work team reported that she had been hospitalized for an “emotional relapse”.

In that occasion, Rumors arose that the artist had attempted against her life as a result of an alleged depression.

Later, these versions were denied by the artist, but she admitted that she had gone through several difficult moments in her life.

“Those who know me know that I am a little girl who has really gone through a thousand and one, I have gone through many problems, many wars, many obstacles and I am still standing, they also know that I am very fearful of God and I know a lot about him. and his word… I am not capable of attacking the most valuable thing that I have, which is my life.Ross said.

Everything indicated that the young woman was not having a good time in her personal life, weeks later she confessed that she suffered from anxiety and depression, telling the true version for which she was admitted to a medical center.

The Dominican declared that she was hospitalized for an involuntary overdose of drugs to treat depression, since she used to increase the amount indicated to try to achieve a better result.

I had to get treatment, So the pills that I take for that work for me, but when I feel very bad, that I feel like I can’t take it anymore, I doubled the dose,” were the explanations that the rapper gave on the Alofoke Radio Show.

Engagement with Dj Sammy

This 2023 had started on the right foot and full of love, since the singer said “yes” to Dj Sammy, after having asked him to marry her.

Ross María published several images on Instagram where she looked excited, with the ring and with her fiancé.

Dj Sammy and Ross María deleted their photos together from social networks.Daily Listin Archive

“I said yes!?? Thank you God for sending me such a wonderful, attentive, chivalrous and loving man, ”he wrote in the publication.

Weeks later, he led a heated discussion with an agent from the General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transportation (Digesett), after receiving a fine for allegedly using his cell phone. The singer recorded the entire discussion and assured that both she and Dj Sammy, who was behind the wheel, looked at Google Maps.

“They ask for the papers, they ask for everything, I show him everything up to date, I tell him that I do have insurance and he says no, And that insurance that is there is then a lie? abusers”, exclaimed Ross while the agent intervened.

After starring in that moment, the artist had kept a low profile and without responding to the rumors of separation with her fiancé, until on this new occasion she shook the networks again.

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