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Ronald Koeman meets the ‘new Pedri’

Pedri has rejoined the training of the FC Barcelona after playing the Eurocup and the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, where he got the silver medal. A season full of matches for the young Spaniard, who made the decision not to take a vacation.

But, before his return was confirmed, Ronald Koeman tried to find his replacement within the squad, taking into account that he had planned to miss several La Liga games for his holidays. And, although he could only prove it in one meeting, he did find the piece that can fulfill the role of Pedri, thinking more about being a valuable replacement for another campaign full of matches. We are talking about Yusuf demir.

The “new Pedri”

The young austrian was one of the positive points in the victory in the Joan Gamper Trophy against Juventus in Turin and he did so playing as a left inside inside the 1-4-3-3 that Ronald Koeman used. Pedri’s position. And he showed that, despite being a winger / attacker by training, he has the conditions to occupy a more focused role.

With the support of Busquets as a midfielder and Sergi Roberto as inside possession, Yusuf Demir was determined by acting in a third height in the midfielder area and doing damage between the lines, closer to the attackers to establish a socio-affective relationship with Memphis Depay and Antoine Griezmann, the two offensive figures of Barcelona. In some captures that we took the game against Juventus we can notice their normal position in the different heights of the possession of the Blaugrana team.

Demir, who started the preseason as a winger and who will have a record for team B although he will be in the dynamics of the first team, has become a valuable option to play as inside on the left and add another piece in the rotation, a key record for be able to compete for the most important titles.


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