Home Sports River thrashed Godoy Cruz and settles above

River thrashed Godoy Cruz and settles above

River thrashed Godoy Cruz and settles above

River’s debt with the level of play begins to settle slowly, after the good performance that he exhibited against Godoy Cruz. The team was not only forceful in attack, but also improved a lot defensively, something that had been requested.

The last line was made up of Casco, González Pirez, Paulo and Enzo Díaz. The four complemented each other very well, and they coordinated their movements in a more neat way, mainly when the team fell back before a counterattack from Mendoza.

The former Talleres settled into the lateral marker position, and in addition to demonstrating firmness in the brand, he also was offered as an exit through the left lane. He even reached goal positions by entering the rival area.

The experienced Casco, on the other side, also showed a commitment to defense, despite often performing better on the left. AND Between the centrals they understood each other correctly. Despite the fact that the men from Mendoza did not have the usual precision, they came close a few times and were neutralized by their markers.

Also, Armani too He responded correctly in the few times that he was required. The goalkeeper of the Argentine National Team had little work, but in these interventions he provided concentration and security.

Godoy Cruz, directed again by Diego Flores, is a team that tries to progress on the field with triangulations for different zones, and when he succeeds in those combinations he approaches judiciously. With that formula he came from beating Racing. Against River, his players did not have the same determination as against those of Avellaneda, and for that reason it was made more difficult to exert supremacy over your adversary.

River’s midfield once again had the Uruguayan From the cross, and he was the one who provided serenity and neat transfer of the ball. The one who usually puts the touch of subtlety on it is Ignacio Fernandez, that since his return to the club he looks more cerebral than in his first version. With a qualification from the former Gymnastics, the striker beltran could define to score the first goal.

Aliendro and Enzo Pérez are the ones who display the most, to try to recover the ball and hand it over to the other two midfielders. Alien, In any case, it is still far from the level it offered in Colón last year.

Beltrán is responding a little more each game, and with his goals (he scored the second from a penalty) he is gaining a position in the attack. In this duel he was the only natural forward and fulfilled the role of definer. River, with these attributes, continues to improve and becomes the protagonist.

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