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Real Madrid renews deal with Hezonja after twist

Unusual ending to the 'Hezonja case': Mario will renew with Real Madrid!!

The unexpected twist of the soap opera surrounding Mario Hezonja, who could potentially renew his contract with Real Madrid instead of fulfilling his agreement with Barcelona. This shocking turn of events is revealed in an exclusive report by ‘Playtime’ from Cope Network.

After signing a contract with Barcelona for four seasons and a net salary of three million euros per year, Hezonja’s continuity was negotiated just weeks ago. Although Madrid increased its offer, it did not meet the player’s financial demands, leading him to sign with the eternal rivals. However, Real Madrid’s players have a reputation for tolerating “betrayals” more easily than their Barcelona counterparts, a fact exemplified by Kylian Mbappé.

Hezonja was advised to approach Madrid if he genuinely wanted to stay with the club, which he did, contacting them to reach a new agreement. This latest move comes as a surprise, considering his recent statements expressing a desire to continue winning titles with Barcelona just after winning the Endesa League. Despite this, Barcelona has given up on acquiring the player they wanted to sign, and Hezonja will instead continue to play for Real Madrid.

Aside from Barcelona, Hezonja had other suitors, including Partizan and Panathinaikos. Partizan, a team in Belgrade, had offered him a three-year contract with a salary higher than what he received from Barcelona. Panathinaikos, who has a long-standing connection to the Athenian club, withdrew its offer after winning the Euroleague title. None of the offers from the NBA gave Hezonja the balance he was looking for between role and salary, prompting him to stick with Real Madrid.

Hezonja’s desire was to play for Barcelona, and he had even signed an agreement with them in the midst of the Endesa League final. However, the fast-paced developments in this drama have led him to opt for a life with Real Madrid instead. In a twist that has caused a shockwave among the players and fans, Hezonja will continue to play for the team in white.

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