Home Business Quant (QNT) is becoming more volatile and may start a sharp rise

Quant (QNT) is becoming more volatile and may start a sharp rise

Bitcoin indicator die rally van eind 2023 signaleerde, slaat nu om

Quant (QNT), which aims to connect blockchains and networks via the unique Overledger network, is the subject of our current analysis.

We examine the price prediction for QNT, supported by insights from our Discord community where analysis and live streams are regularly shared.

Technical analysis Quant (QNT) price

Quant has not yet shown the same strength as many other coins on the market. Still, it looks like the price is finally starting to move and potentially heading towards higher targets, our analysts recently explained:

“QNT is a currency that sometimes gives us headaches because it rises and falls significantly. But we believe the general direction is up. Recently we hit exactly the 100% Fibonacci level where we expect a lot of resistance.

We expect the price to now experience a small decline towards the 38.2 percent level, which corresponds to a price of $127, before another sharp increase.

For the near future we are aiming for a target of $170. Again, this is a level where a lot of resistance is expected and we will be watching closely to see how price behaves here.”

Date of analysis: March 26th. Link to trading view:

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