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PSG’s amazing video to introduce Messi

The first images of Lionel Messi inside the Parque dos Príncipes, playing games with the T-shirt of the Paris Saint-Germain: the football player will use the number 30, the first he used in Barcelona. Minutes later, the club’s official Twitter confirmed it through a video.

The number his shirt would wear was a matter of debate, as it was known that he was leaving the Catalan club, as his friend Neymar It is he who wears the 10th of the Parisian team.

Some versions guaranteed that the Argentine would use the 30, the first one he used in Barcelona, ​​​​although it was also circulated that he could use the 19, which I also used in Spain before using 10.

Messi reached that number after PSG called for the repeal of the French League rules, as 30 were for goalkeepers only.

How much does the PSG store shirt cost?

The shirt can be purchased at the official PSG store for prices ranging between 97 and 187 dollars, depending on the model.


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