Home Entertainment Promising update for Ubisoft’s next Star Wars game

Promising update for Ubisoft’s next Star Wars game

Promising update for Ubisoft's next Star Wars game

It is no longer new that the French giant is working on a big license project Star Wars for several years already. Even if Ubisoft recently announced that it wants to focus on its flagship license Assassin’s Creed following the disastrous figures of the studio in recent years, the company has in its boxes a potential future nugget that could help it raise the bar.


In the last news, Ubisoft’s next Star Wars game appears to be more advanced that Twitter rumors suggested so; depending on the media Kotakuthe French-speaking developer would now aim a release for the beginning of the year 2024 – against the end of the year 2024 as previously announced.

Known by the code name “Project Helix”the next French-language game is being developed with the studio MassiveTPS developers The Division 1 and 2; although speculation suggested that the Star Wars artwork ofUbisoft would look like a TPS like The Divisionthe creative director of the project, Julian Gerightystated that the Helix project would be “a great departure for this new series”, and promises to be “totally different” from the types of games that the studio Massive has already worked on before.

The latest rumors about it suggested that the next game based on Georges Lucas’ cult license could be a huge open-world with interplanetary travel, without further details. With such an important license in his hands, Ubisoft could compete strongly with EA, the main holder of the license rights, and release a first non-hit gameAssassin’s Creed for some time now.

The French-speaking developer could reveal a first trailer this year at Summer Game Fastscheduled for Thursday, June 8th.

It only remains to hope that the ambitious project of Ubisoft does not suffer the same fate asAssassin’s Creed Mirage, Avatar or Skull & Boneswhose release dates have been pushed back several times.

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