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Professional League: Aldosivi won Defense and Justice fairly

Aldosivi reaffirmed this monday your recovery on the leaderboard with a narrow 1-0 victory over Defense and Justice in the José María Minella World Cup stadium in Silver Sea, in a match corresponding to date 5 of the Professional League (LPF).

The Mar del Plata complex, who won again at home after six games, was imposed with a by myself conquest in the complement of midfielder Gastón Lodico.

What else, those directed by Fernando Gago achieved their second consecutive success (they came from Rosario Central’s win at Gigante de Arroyito) and they were two units behind the independent leader.

Florencio Varela’s set is the other side, since accumulate 11 games without winning away from home, with 3 draws and 8 defeats.

After a promising start, with two teams arriving twice each in the first ten minutes, the development he parked and he became much more closed and almost emotionless.

Back from the locker room, Aldosivi took advantage with a good definition of Lodico (who had scored a double against Central) after a blunder by Federico Andrada and then defended the difference.

defense and justice had the ball in the final stretch of the game, but he didn’t manage to disturb the local defender, in addition to a free kick near the epilogue by Adonis Frías who cleaned well to the corner the goalkeeper José Devecchi.

El Tiburon faces Atlético Tucumán on the next date, while the cast led by Sebastián Beccacece will receive Sarmiento de Junín at the Norberto “Tito” Tomaghello stadium.


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