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Priyanka Made Tilak To Raghav, Parineeti Remembered Her Sister’s Wedding, Shared A Photo

Priyanka Made Tilak To Raghav, Parineeti Remembered Her Sister's Wedding, Shared A Photo

After the engagement of Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha, many pictures of both of them are coming out. Whether they are Parineeti fans or Raghav Chadha supporters, both are very happy with their engagement. On May 13, both of them got engaged at Kapurthala House in Delhi and during this while Aditya Thackeray, Arvind Kejriwal, Kapil Sibal were present on Raghav Chadha’s side, Parineeti’s sister and actress Priyanka Chopra also took part in the function. Now Parineeti has shared the photos of her and Priyanka taken during the engagement.

While sharing these photos, Parineeti compared them to Priyanka’s wedding photos. In the first image, Parineeti has shared a collage of her engagement photo with Priyanka’s turmeric ceremony. In this collage, where Parineeti is seen applying haldi to Nick Jonas during Priyanka’s turmeric ceremony in 2018, Priyanka is seen applying tilak to Raghav Chadha’s forehead during Parineeti’s engagement in 2023.

Parineeti Chopra has also shared another collage in which Parineeti is seen hugging Priyanka. On the other hand, in the second photo of this collage, Priyanka is hugging Parineeti. With that slide, Parineeti wrote ‘5 years apart’.

Let us tell you that Parineeti had previously shared many unseen photos of her engagement with Raghav Chadha. In these pictures, Parineeti is sometimes seen posing with her family and is sometimes seen having fun with friends. In one photo, Parineeti is seen crying with her head resting on Raghav Chadha’s shoulder. In another image, Raghav was seen embracing Parineeti. Apart from this, Parineeti was also seen kissing her future mother-in-law and Raghav’s mother in a photo.

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