Home Tech POCO Launcher 4: this will be the new interface of POCO smartphones

POCO Launcher 4: this will be the new interface of POCO smartphones

POCO Launcher 4: this will be the new interface of POCO smartphones

Although POCO uses MIUI developed by Xiaomi, the interface of its smartphones has a slightly different design. This is due to the presence of the POCO Launcher developed by the brand precisely to give its devices a new look.

POCO Launcher is currently at version 2.37, but will go directly to version 4.36. The latest version has recently been publicly exposed and gives us a first glimpse of what to expect.

POCO Launcher 4.36 is coming to your smartphone soon

The video above shows the highlights of the upcoming version of POCO Launcher. The increasing approach of this launcher to the general appearance of MIUI is demonstrated.

One of the main differences in the new version of POCO Launcher has to do with the icons. One of the most notable novelties will be the abandonment of support for third-party icons, so users will be limited to those included in the themes.

Also the general animations of POCO Launcher were victims of a revamp. The changes made result in an apparent greater fluidity of the smartphone, something that all users will undoubtedly appreciate.

There is also a significant change in the multitasking mode present in POCO Launcher, which now supports a landscape mode orientation. Something that will give users more flexibility when using their smartphone.

We still do not have a concrete date for the general release of the next version of POCO Launcher. What is known, however, is that it will be done through the Play Store as if it were a normal application.

Even if you don’t own a POCO smartphone, but you like this launcher, it is available for any Android smartphone. You only have to go to the game store and install it.

Once installed on your device, you will receive all the news from other POCO Launcher users. Which means that all the news exposed here will also apply to your smartphone.



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