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Players who participate in the Saudi league will not be able to be in the PGA tournaments

Jugadores que participen en liga saudí no podrán estar en los torneos PGA

Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson and other members of the PGA Tour who competed Thursday in a league funded by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund will be barred from participating in PGA tournaments, according to sanctions Commissioner Jay Monahan released as soon as it was taken. the first tee shot in England.

Whether those golfers will be able to return to the PGA Tour remains to be seen.

The veto includes participation in the Presidents’ Cup, which uses the world ranking to define the international team.

The US Golf Federation has already said that any eligible player will be able to compete in the US Open. The PGA Tour does not organize the majors.

In a memo sent to PGA members, Monahan noted that even if a player forgoes the tour ahead of the first LIV Golf Invitational tournament outside London, he will not be allowed to compete in non-membership PGA tournaments by taking shelter. with the exception of a sponsor.

Nine players have resigned from the PGA Tour, a list in which Johnson and Sergio García stand out. Graeme McDowell did it 30 minutes before his tee. Mickelson, owner of a lifetime membership with his 45 PGA titles, has not.

“These players made their decision for financial reasons,” Monahan wrote. “But they can’t demand the same PGA membership benefits, considerations, opportunities and platforms that you have. That is a lack of respect for you, our fans and our partners”.

Ian Poulter said he will appeal. McDowell noted that he wanted to “preserve moral high ground” by resigning and thereby minimize litigation.

Mickelson didn’t want to comment on the situation, other than to say that he didn’t want to talk about the PGA Tour at his first tournament in four months. He confirmed that he will contest eight of the Saudi league tournaments, five of which will be in the United States.

LIV Golf, managed by Greg Norman with investment from the Saudi sovereign wealth fund, responded to the PGA’s decision by calling it vindictive and divisive.

“It is problematic that the tour, an organization dedicated to creating playing opportunities for golfers, is an entity that prevents golfers from competing,” LIV Golf said. “It is not the last word on this matter. The free agency era has begun and we are proud to have a full roster of players in London and beyond.”

The point of contention is that players can compete in a rival tournament without receiving the endorsement of the PGA Tour. Players typically receive three such permits per year, but Monahan did not issue endorsements for the LIV Golf Invitational because it is an eight-tournament series that includes five US events.

The tour does not grant permits for tournaments in North America.

“We have complied with the tournament rules from start to finish by responding to those players who have chosen to turn their backs on the PGA Tour by willfully breaking a rule,” Monahan wrote.

PGA champion Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy praised the decision. Both compete this week in the Canadian Open, tournament of the tour.

“I think whoever reacts surprised is that he hasn’t been paying attention to the message that Jay and others have been giving,” Thomas said.

Monahan said the players who quit will be dropped from the tour ranks after this week. He added that those who have not resigned will not affect the ranking of others.

But it remains unclear whether players will be able to return to the PGA.

The first test will be the Travelers Championship in Connecticut, the week after the US Open. Johnson signed up for the tournament.

The LIV Golf Invitational was streamed on YouTube and Facebook. Ahead of the first round, Norman was enthusiastic to see a 30-year endeavor come to fruition.

Norman attempted to found a World Golf Tour in the 1990s, exclusively for elite players, and was assured of a television contract until the PGA Tour derailed the plan with the backing of Arnold Palmer. Norman realized too late that player support was lukewarm. The circuit was never able to take off.

But this one has done it, protected by a wealth never seen by golf. Britain’s The Daily Telegraph reported that Johnson received $150 million — more than Tiger Woods’ career earnings on the PGA Tour — just for signing. Mickelson has not denied the versions that he received 200 million.

Each tournament gives out $25 million in prize money, with $4 million going to the winner. The most lucrative tournament on the PGA Tour is the $20 million Players Championship. The Canadian Open, which this weekend has summoned five of the top ten in the world, distributes 8.7 million dollars in prizes.

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