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Pia appeared with a new initiative

Pia appeared with a new initiative

Model and actress Pia Jannatul is coming up with a different venture. This is the first time he is going to organize a workshop called ‘Master Class by Piya Jannatul’. The value of this workshop will be grooming. Apart from this, grooming and advice on self-development, career guidelines will be provided.

On this occasion, a press conference was held at an elite hotel in the capital on Wednesday (May 17). At that time, Pia Jannatul said, ‘Picture Perfect by Pia Jannatul’ is such a platform, where any person can easily succeed in his career by grooming himself. Here ‘skill development’ will be worked with the cooperation of various exports.

Peya said that the first workshop ‘Master Class by Peya Jannatul’ will be held at Yamaha Flagship Center in Tejgaon on May 19 and 20. There are plans to start this workshop all over Bangladesh later.

Picture perfect entrepreneur model and lawyer Pia Jannatul, model Tanzia Zaman Mithila, ten minute school consultant Saqib Bin Rashid, choreographer and stylist Mahamudul Hasan Mukul, psychiatrist Dr. Ariful Haque, makeup expert Sumaiya Mohsinin Mou and choreographer Bulbul Tumpa.

Certificates will be given at the end of the workshop. Registration for this workshop has to be done by filling a specific form. Click to get the registration link.

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