Peter Lim without mercy with Levante UD: he goes to Valencia for 5 million

In the Mestalla offices they have thought it prudent to take advantage of the serious sporting and financial situation of the granota team to snatch one of their most important pieces in the core scheme.

He Valencia CF and more exactly Peter Lim is very aware of the sporting and economic situation in which Levante UD is. After not being promoted to the first division after having made an outstanding campaign, financial problems rained down on Quico Catalán and the entire granota board of directors.

As a result of this, the solution that they proposed from Orriols is the sale of players, especially the discards that can be striking for some teams. However, for the table che and for peter limthere is a crack in the midfield that bears the label of untouchablebut taking advantage of the situation of the Levantinista group, they are going to sign him yes or yes.

peter lim lift
Levante UD couldn’t get promoted to LaLiga Santander, but Pepelu has the opportunity to do so.

Levante considers Pepelu lost while Peter Lim advances the negotiations

Rubén Baraja has conveyed his wish to the Singaporean owner, regarding the signing of José Luis García Vayá, better known as Pepelu. For Javier Calleja, current coach of the Valencian team, he is a very compact and important player in that area of ​​the field. It is logical that he is not in the output folder, but if he represents any sum of money, Quico Catalán will sell him.

The 24-year-old midfielder is the player with the longest contract in the Granota squad, since it runs until 2032. His price is 3 million euros, but Valencia CF is willing to place 2 more to close the operation successfully and quickly. However, the Levante coach maintains that it is a very essential axis for his spinal system.

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Pepelu is also interested in playing in Peter Lim’s team

Pepelu was one of the Levantinista team players who most regretted the loss against Alavés, in the final game of the promotion playoffs. The boy fought diligently throughout the season, and in the end he was left empty-handed like other important figures such as Jorge de Frutos, Rúben Vezo, José Campaña among others.

The fact that Levante has been on the verge of entering the First Division room again does not mean that Pepelu cannot play there. He will have to leave the granota ship to board the crewed by Rubén Baraja, who managed to save the category in recent games. The decision is in the hands of the player himself.

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