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Peru: they admit the appeal of Pedro Castillo

Peru: they admit the appeal of Pedro Castillo

The Judiciary of Peru admitted the appeal presented by former president Pedro Castillo to annul the resolution of Congress that ordered his dismissal for “permanent moral incapacity”.

The Third Constitutional Chamber of Lima admitted the lawsuit for processing and scheduled for June 23 the virtual hearing in which the appeal will be evaluated, with the participation of the former president and the other parties involved, local radio RPP reported.

The court determined that the appeal filed by Walter Ayalalawyer for the former president and former Minister of Defense of his Government, met the admissibility and provenance requirements established by law for his respective evaluation.

It also granted the Prosecutor’s Office 10 days to present its allegations.

the impeachment

At the beginning of last December, The Congress of Peru approved in extraordinary session a motion of censure against the then President Castilloshortly after he announced the dissolution of the chamber and the call for new legislative elections.

His dismissal was the beginning of one of the most convulsed stages in the recent history of the country with the outbreak of strong social protests against the government of her successor, Dina Boluarte, which caused 60 deaths.

The amparo appeal, filed in January against the president of Congress, José Williams, alleges that Castillo’s dismissal came after a violation of due process and the right to defense of the former head of state.


In that sense, Castillo demands that the validity of his credentials as president be restored and order his reinstatement in office.

In addition, that is declare the nullity of any administrative, parliamentary or any other act carried out by Congress in order to prevent its restitution as head of state.

castle meets 18 months of pretrial detention in the Barbadillo prison, in the Ate district of Lima.

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