Home Sports Perfumerías Avenida conquers its eighth League

Perfumerías Avenida conquers its eighth League

El Perfumerías Avenida conquista su octava Liga

Glory in the Mediterranean for Perfumerías Avenida. The Salamanca team won their eighth league title, the second in a row, after fast-tracking a Valencibecause, unlike in Würzburg, they gave a lot of trouble and did not give up until the last second (62-67). The match was worthy of a whole final: matched in defenses, in the desire to win, on the benches…But in the success, the aim of Perfumerías prevailed with its 47% in shots from two. Valencia Basket finished with ten missed free throws that would have brought them closer to forcing the third game.

The start of the game was a vivid reflection of what was later the rest of the match: the two teams put up overwhelming defenses, but while Perfumerías scored the spot shots (they did not miss their first five throws), It was difficult for Rubén Burgos’s men to score even when released. Valencia resisted through Allen’s penetrations and inside play, but little by little the distance increased while there was no reaction on the floor: the ‘taronja’ attacked well, defended intensely… but their rival left them.

He left them with all the arguments in the world. Kahleah Cooper (20 points) was in superstar mode to the point that the only time the hosts took the lead she hit them emotionally with two consecutive three-pointers to not only recover the advantage but increase it. No wonder he took the MVP of the final. In Valencia came precipitation and poor shooting selections. There the Perfumeries smelled the blood and took the opportunity to put the +9 to rest.

But the locals had not said their last word and less with a Fonteta that roared like it had not happened for months. Rubén Burgos’ half-time talk had an effect and the taronja scored everything they hadn’t scored up to that pointwith a run of 17-5, in that third quarter they made more triples than in all they had been in the tie up to that moment. The lack of control then appeared in those of Salamanca who entrusted the clarified to Copper to maintain their lead on the scoreboard…But just barely.

And with a three-point advantage for those in blue, the decisive last quarter began, a difference that quickly multiplied. Elonu with a 2+1 and Fasoula increased with a basket in the paint and in the face of Raquel Carrera. Roberto Íñiguez’s men wanted to kill the game on the fast track, taking advantage of the fact that Valencia burned the ball and missed clear shots (and even ended with a sad 8/18 on free throws), but they refused to fall despite the fact that there was no way they could even the score. Allen had it in his hands to tie at the buzzer, but his pitch went out from within.

And there was no more story. That was not little. La Fonteta applauded the well-deserved champions, who lifted their eighth title in their history and also lowered Valencia for the second time in a row from the possibility of achieving its first league title in history.



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