Pepsi Calls to Make Farming Sexy with Sustainable Technologies

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If we don’t do sexy farming, there won’t be a next generation of farmers.“, said this Tuesday, January 17, the executive director of the company, Ramón Laguarta, during his speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, which takes place in the Swiss resort.

The executive director of the company PepsiCo called for making agriculture more attractive to guarantee its future within the framework of a sustainability model to protect the environment.

Laguarta defended that large companies have the responsibility of adopting new sustainable technologies, maintaining prices for the consumer.

We can transform a specific supply chain from start to finish without actually incurring significant costs.“, he said, defending that the transport of PepsiCo It’s probably more expensive, but there is the potential to save money by using less water in the production process in factories.

In that sense, he referred to one of his products, Lay’s potato chips. He explained that a bag of this product can be made from potatoes grown on a sustainable farm, which are processed in a low-carbon factory, transported by electric truck and sold for no more than a bag of conventional potato chips. This would be a possible transformation to a “sexy” agriculture

He also highlighted that the American food and beverage multinational is “primarily an agricultural business“, remembering that the snack and soft drink giant buys 26 vintages in 200 countries around the world. The company’s top climate priority is making these farming operations more sustainable, he said. That means helping farmers reduce their carbon emissions, sequester carbon, use less water and fertilizer, and earn a better living, he said.



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