Home Business Pepper entrusts the comprehensive management of its cybersecurity to Evolutio

Pepper entrusts the comprehensive management of its cybersecurity to Evolutio

Pepper entrusts the comprehensive management of its cybersecurity to Evolutio

Peppera financial services company specializing in smart and responsible financing, has entrusted to evolutiona 100% Spanish company expert in the integration of services clouds and cybersecurity, the securitization of its infrastructure and its comprehensive protection against current threats.

Thus, the entity specialized in deferred payment will reduce risks, shield its current business structure, all its services and, consequently, will protect its customers to a greater degree.

For help Pepper respond to its digital challenges, protect operations, business processes, enterprise resources and ensure trust, Evolutio provides a comprehensive protection service that is carried out from the company’s CERT. The main task consists of security information and event management (SIEM), which involves unifying the client’s cybersecurity solutions and services, giving a response according to the criticality of the incidents. The company also manages the security infrastructure, taking care of firewalls, routers and the integrity of communications, as well as the management of the server park.

Evolutio’s CERT, belonging to its CiSOC, gives Pepper complete coverage by monitoring its existing control systems and digital assets 24×7 to detect unauthorized activities and intrusions, vulnerabilities and violations of acceptable use procedures and policies. In addition, it also provides direct support in the event of a cybersecurity incident to contain, eradicate and restore information systems to their original situation.

Advanced cybersecurity to protect the assets of a company in constant innovation

Pepper lives immersed in a cycle of permanent innovation that places it at the technological forefront of the sector. The company is aware that, in a sector as demanding as deferred payment, continuous improvement is vital in order to differentiate itself and remain competitive.

The alliance with Evolutio is one more step in this process that seeks to achieve increasingly agile, secure and robust applications, processes and communications

In the words of Paco Pedraza, CEO of PepperThe agreement with Evolutio reiterates our security commitment to the more than 10,000 points of sale and more than 1.1 customers who trust our solutions to grow their business and pay for their purchases.

In a context like the current one, in which threats proliferate and become more sophisticated, betting on cybersecurity is vital for our business

In addition, Ricardo Sanz, director of the cybersecurity business unit at Evolutiostates that “both cybercriminals and fraud techniques have become very sophisticated and, in this field, Pepper is an example of digital surveillance in terms of how financial institutions must take advantage of all the advantages and technologies at their disposal to detect in time the new threats that jeopardize the continuity of your business and the security of your customers, especially now that we are immersed in a time of many cyberattacks”.

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